The island Berezan where shot the lieutenant Schmidt, for the first time in 80 years remained without financing of archaeological researches

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In 2009, for the first time from 1926 (except for 1941-1945), continuous academic expedition on the antique settlement Boresfenida on the Nikolaev island Berezan didn't receive the budgetary financing. As it is known before the lake Berezan it was won from Turks by the Ukrainian Cossacks during a capture of fortress of Ocha - Calais (Ochakov) Potemkin's armies.

According to the deputy chief of expedition, the deputy director of the Lukomorye center, the archeologist Alexander SMIRNOV and the head of the UNP Nikolaev city organization, and the chief of cameral works Alexander VASILCHUK, this time some subjects of the propaganda stock which being at the disposal of the UNP regional organization and hasn't been involved in the period of an interelective pause very much were useful, reports a press - party service.

Opened a new tourist route on the island Berezan two years ago. It in the people call the island of the Brawler about which Alexander Pushkin in the poem "Ruslan and Lyudmila" wrote. In 2006 on Berezani celebrated 100 years from the date of execution of the lieutenant Pyotr Schmidt - what children heroes of "A gold calf" Ilf and Evgeny Petrov's Ilya pretended to be. It served on a battleship "Ochakov", and in November, 1905 headed revolt in Sevastopol. It shot in 1906 - m at a stone wall on Berezani.

- The wall is actually the remains of the Ancient Greek temple. In 647 BC Greeks came on the island, founded there the city of Borisfen and built the temple in honor of Akhill. And nearby strengthenings of coastal batteries of imperial times remained, - Tatyana Chichkalyuk, the head of department concerning tourism and resorts of the Nikolaev regional state administration tells. She complains that in Soviet period Nikolaev, as well as Sevastopol, was the closed city - here made military planes and steamships. Therefore the city and all area still perceive as such to itself a military industrial zone. Forget that Nikolaev - the beautiful region with rich history, - is transferred "By the newspaper on - Ukrainian".

This year expedition of Institute of archeology of National academy of Sciences of Ukraine under the leadership of V. V. Krutilov planned further carrying out scientific researches of Berezansky теменоса (a sacred site) regarding an arrangement of the temple of Aphrodite. Volunteers take part in expedition work except nikolayevets from Kiev, Odessa, Moscow, Sankt - Petersburg, Rostov, Yoshkar - Ola and Cologne.

Work of expedition began traditionally - with drawing up the inspection certificate of the island on fixation of new traces of work of "black archeologists", not wasting time in vain in autumn - the spring period when scientific researches aren't conducted. And now it is worth regretting for possible historical discoveries which aren't made any more from - for imperfections of system of protection of the lake Berezan which is part of the National historian - the archaeological reserve "Olviya". The paradox consists that the armed security forces are present on the island during carrying out official archaeological researches, and after end of a scientific season the archaeological monument remains defenseless before robbers.


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