WITH NEW 2016!

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Dear readers!

Perhaps, it is possible to tell safely that the leaving 2015 was lived under the motto: «Zrada чи peremoga». In it there was everything: victories and defeats, correct decisions and mistakes, take-off and falling. It was the year filled with hopes: something came true, and something became disappointment. However, despite all failures, the Ukrainian people as always heroically I stood, I gained unsteady stability and I didn't lose belief in the future.

On a bowl of scales of last 2015 good and bad. On the one hand the adopted laws which allowed to take to the streets of the large cities the new police officer to approach Ukraine to a visa-free regime with the EU, to hold local elections and to introduce reforms, important for the country. And with another…as well as last year military from all Ukraine should meet this New 2016 in the anti-terrorist operation zone, residents of the country are compelled to pay huge accounts for utilities, receiving thus low wages.

As for Nikolaev, the mayor's elections became one of victories. No, not that Alexander Senkevich ( «became the mayorzrada» it or «peremoga» will show results of its work), and that unification of residents which they showed, having come to vote, having believed that one voice can turn an outcome of elections. It is safely possible to rank the bridge which couldn't be parted for calling of two vessels on repair as defeats. You remember? Then about it wrote in all All-Ukrainian mass media. That in Nikolaev couldn't draw the bridge, learned and it is far behind borders of our country. It is possible to list events of last year long. But you and so know everything.

Looking for the lived year back himself can be asked a question long: «That was more: take-off or falling? Progress or disappointments?». But what wouldn't be the answer, we need to look forward only. And in case it was victorious year to hope that its achievements to be increased greatly in the following. If year was unsuccessful, it is worth forgetting and moving simply about it further.

Team of the edition «Crime. Is NOT PRESENT» congratulates you, dear readers, on New 2016. Let it will bring you only good news, will be filled with harmony and pleasure. Boundless health to you and your families, patience and inspiration, financial stability. Progress in all undertakings and world. The world in your families, the city and country. Let 2016 will become year of victories for you and for all our country.

Happy New Year and Christmas Christoff.

Александра Вязникова

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