The leader of SPU Alexander Moroz will arrive to Nikolaev to understand affairs of a party cell of SPU

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"Crime. Is NOT PRESENT"wrote about that on July 15, at extraordinary conference of the Nikolaev city party organization of Socialist party of Ukraine was accepted unanimous decision on self-dissolution

party cells. Disagreement with a number of the personnel questions which are carried out by Kiev concerning a Communist Party organization became the reason for a similar step from the Nikolaev socialists.

According to the first secretary of a city town committee of SPUOleg Baranov, it was made to draw attention of party leadership to a problem which arose in the Nikolaev cell.

"We count that the party leadership will analyse current situation. We hope that the head of partyA. Morozwill arrive to Nikolaev and already on a place will make the decision", - I declared thenO. Baranov.

And today it became known that tomorrow, on July 24, to Nikolaev there will arrive the leader of Socialist party of UkraineAlexander Moroz.

It plans to communicate to an asset of the party, and then to carry out a press - conference.

We managed will phone to the first secretary of the Nikolaev city town committee of SPUOleg Baranov. He didn't assume responsibility to confirm, or to disprove information on visit of the leader of SPUA. Morozto Nikolaev.

By wordsO. Baranova, this information, meanwhile, circulates only at the level of conversations.

ReallyA. Moroz, if it really made the decision to arrive to Nikolaev, already decided destiny of the city organization which declared self-dissolution? Really the decision is made in Kiev without trial on a place and A. Moroz simply will arrive given to sound the decision and won't penetrate into problems which arose in the Nikolaev party organization?


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