Six attack planes of SU-25 more than 20 hours полосовали Nikolaev sky

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In Nikolayevshchina crews of SU of-25 crews of tactical aircraft of Air Forces of VS of Ukraine for two days executed the 57th self-summer - departures with the general raid more than 20 hours.

For two days pilots of crew of tactical aircraft of Air Forces of VS of Ukraine which is deployed in Nikolayevshchina? executed at once two flight changes, reported"Crime. Is NOT PRESENT" in the Ministry of Defence.

As the commander of aviaconnectionnotedpilot 1-го class colonel Andrey Alimpiyev, improvement of professional skill of crews, flight of aviation equipment and performance of checks on types of flight training were the main tasks which faced pilots for the period of flights, renewal of skills of staff.

For performance of flight tasks were used as the educational aircraft equipment - the planeL-39, and fighting -six attack planes of SU-25.

Flights took place in simple and difficult meteoconditions. For only two days were executed57 self-summer - departures with the general raid 21 hours 30 minutes.

I headed carrying out flight occupations, showing a personal example in piloting of winged cars, personallycolonel Andrey Alimpiyev. Together with it his deputies -flied alsocolonel Vladimir Pomogaybo and lieutenant colonel Sergey Ishchenko.

Except skilled pilots in the sky young pilots rose also. Among them the best results showedcaptains Yury Shevchuk and Alexander Mostovoy.

Summing up the results of the carried-out flight changes, the deputy commander of connection on flight work lieutenant colonel Sergey Ishchenko noted that the objectives of flights were achieved with observance of all security measures.


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