Nikolayevshchina fights against consequences of a heavy snowfall - the movement on the route N-11 to Cauldrons is openly

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Second day in Nikolayevshchina fight against consequences of heavy snowfalls which the day before covered area proceeds. 

Still in the city of Nikolaev, as well as in many settlements of area not up to the end remains cleared of snow the yards and interdomestic drives that complicates work including carriages of an emergency medical service. 

Difficult is a situation and on the majority of routes within Nikolayevshchina. The authorities made the decision not to open them at least till morning of Wednesday, January 20. Across Nikolaev there goes the snow-removing equipment, scattering peschano - salt mix. 

Besides on January 20 the last day when schools don't work. 

Information is constantly updated...

22:10 In Nikolaev near Varvarovsky Bridge three ambulances got stuck.

About it at himself on the page on the social network Facebook the journalist Kirill Yushchishen wrote.

«I address to Alexander Senkevich, please, instruct to clear away journey under Varvarovsky Bridge - there "fast" several times a day get stuck. Right now 3 "fast" got stuck. Volunteers approached quickly - now pull out» , - he wrote. 

22:00The chairman of the Nikolaev regional state administration Vadim Merikov reported that on the route N-11 in the bilateral mode to Cauldrons the movement is opened.

«The Dnepropetrovsk area continues clearing of the most problem sections of the route therefore entrance to the next area is closed.

On the route M-14 «Nikolaev - Odessa» all emergencies are already eliminated. But so far clearing of the route in Odessa region proceeds. If our colleagues from the next area manage to clear away quickly the road, we again will open the route.

Р - it is cleared away and open for all means of transport. In the reversny mode there is a movement on sites near page. Troitsk and village of Doroshovka.

On the route N-14 seines to 7 meters, the heavy machinery is directed, works on clearing will begin tomorrow morning.

As of 21:00 3 settlement are disconnected from the electric power. Emergency crews liquidate rushes of power lines till tomorrow's morning» , - he wrote at himself on the page on the social network Facebook.

21:00 Movement on the highway N-14 «Kirovograd - Nikolaev» it will be restored in full till morning of Friday, January 22.

Such statement was made by the head of department of the operational contents and traffic safety Ukravtodora Oleg Fedorenko.

- Now the most difficult situation in the Nikolaev area on the route «Kirovograd–Nikolaev». According to the decision of operational staff of the Nikolaev regional state administration, there the powerful military equipment will work tomorrow. Not later than for morning of Friday the highway «Kirovograd–Nikolaev» will be completely proyezzhayemy, - Fedorenko quotes a press - Ukravtodor's service.

19:27In Nikolayevshchina 12 settlements remain are disconnected from the electric power, 4 of them–in the Snigirevsky area.

Reported about it in department it is information - analytical providing the Nikolaev regional state administration.

On power lines attracted heavy military equipment and national guardsmen to accident elimination. It allowed to lay more quickly a way on the most snow-covered ways. Electricians round the clock work: it was succeeded to restore supply of electricity 17 settlements only last night.

The transport long-distance connection is gradually restored, routes New Odessa already work–Nikolaev, Nikolaev–Snigirevka. In Voznesensky the area the transport connection between settlements is adjusted. Today finished work on clearing of snow drifts in the Shcherbanovsky and Timiryazevsky directions. In all areas delivery of food is provided.

Came for fight against elements not only housing and communal services, military and rescuers, but the representatives of business who provided fuel and other types of the help. 

18:10 The city hall Nikolaeva asks drivers of vehicles to refrain from trips on roads where pass tram ways.

"In the city by common efforts of military and workers of KP «Nikolayevelektrotrans» work on cleaning of tram ways of snow and ice is conducted. However cars right there roll rails during snow, nullifying all works. Dear drivers of vehicles, the city authority convincingly asks to refrain from trips on roads where pass tram ways! When determining a route choose the neighboring roads!" - there is a speech in the message of department of information support of the Nikolaev city council. 

18:00 In Nikolaev "marshrutchik" on final buses No. 43 didn't clear away a place for the parking, than created problems for other participants of traffic. 

"I understand that snow that housing and communal services aren't in time, but companions drivers of a route No. 43, can you not will stand on final and have coffee, and a shovel clear the place! It is simple beastliness, all cars hand over back and go round! And those stand on the road and smoke! You wait when to you clear away? It to evening of cars is less, and during the lunchtime them there were five pieces!" - the inhabitant of Nikolaev writes.

17:55 Residents of the New Odessa area complained that from the moment of the termination of snowfall nobody cleans the road between Nova Odessa and Elants. 

They told about it in the comment  «Crime. Is NOT PRESENT». 

- Passed two days, not the chishchena is expensive. We address to the authorities of the area - to us promise that will clean, but do nothing. Elementary, bread in shops isn't present because can't bring, - residents of the area told. 

17:08 Spetsport «Nickname - Tera» I allocated equipment for clearing from snow of the territory of Zhovtnevy TsRB.

On the page on Facebook I reported a press about it - the secretary of port Yulia Matveeva. 

«And now we clear away Zhovtnevuyu of TsRB. "And that live not to come around, and the dead not to leave", - the medical staff jokes. Drivers of the fast complain about bad weather, yesterday they had to rake snow shovels to leave on calls. And calls - phone was broken off, more than 70 in days. "A nickname - Tera" - the only enterprise which something helps Ship to the area. Everywhere - both playgrounds, and benches. I live here therefore I know", - the mechanic fast Yury speaks. The heaviest part of work was assumed by Caterpillar which allocated "the Nickname - Tera", in the help in fight against elements there were also drivers with shovels» , - Matveeva wrote.

16:35 In Nikolaev On January 20 to the line there were 10 garbage trucks and 2 onboard dump trucks for collecting and garbage removal in the Central district of the city. As of 15:00 all technicians I worked in the emergency mode, containers were dug out and pulled out from snowdrifts. The garbage from the private sector is taken out only on the main streets where there is a journey.

Reported about it in administration the EXPERT "Central".

The administration of the Central district for clearing of entrances to container platforms involved three tractors. As of 15:00 MSW on streets are taken already out: Big Sea, Artillery, Navarinsky, Faleevsky, Moscow, Nikolsky. Work is continued.

Also DP KP «Nikolayevkommuntrans» EXPERT «Central» appeals to residents of the Central district not to block personal motor transport intra domestic drives. Phone for reference: 37-56-81, 71-60-13.

16:05During the day on January 19 rescuers of Snigirevsky regional sector gave help to crews of public joint stock company «Nikolayevoblenergo» , which in the round-the-clock mode liquidated bad weather consequences.

Reported about it in Head department of Public service on emergency situations of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area.

So, as a result of icing and strong frosting there was a damage and numerous breaks of power lines. As of January 19 without power supply there were 21 settlements.

Rescuers of the Snigirevsky region at night of days with attraction of the SARM car with the generator for lighting provided uninterrupted providing light and promoted fast and expeditious carrying out repair and recovery work.

16:00Only for the last days, on January 19, the staff of service of rescue of 12 times left to the aid of physicians, appeared in difficult road situations after a heavy snowfall.

Reported about it in Head department of Public service on emergency situations of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area.

Rescuers helped with transportation of people in Nikolaev, New Bug, Ochakovo, Voznesensky and Ochakov areas. In Ochakovo, the village of Trikrata, Domanevsk the area rescuers brought to medical institutions of three pregnant women. And New Bug rescuers of 5 times gave help to crews of an emergency medical service which went to a call place in the cities of Nikolaev.

"The separate attention is deserved by a case which occurred in the settlement of Bug. Here rescuers had to be helped with transportation of the sick three-months child in the central regional hospital. Parents, having found high temperature, called doctors, however from - for difficult weather conditions the crew of an emergency medical service couldn't reach the place of residence of a family. The staff of service of rescue helped doctors to reach the sick child, and then to transport it in hospital where the kid received all necessary medical care", - told in GSChS.

14:17 In Nikolaev it was succeeded to start the movement of six trams.

Reported about it in department it is information - analytical providing the Nikolaev regional state administration.

To give the chance quickly to clear away tram ways the governor of Nikolayevshchina charged to the acting to organize the chief of Head department of National police in the Nikolaev area Vitalia Goncharova overlapping, the directions in which there are these ways. 

Also the governor inspected the route M-14 where journey of automobile transport is already started. The route by means of heavy machinery is broadened for ensuring the bilateral movement.

- Now we do everything to provide safe proyezzhayemy part and the bilateral movement. As soon as safe journey is provided, also heavy-load transport will be passed. We shouldn't allow emergencies, - Merikov told.

It is noted that the truckers who got stuck on the route «strain to be in action» : are ready to go, but thus aren't provided with means of antisliding (chains), cables and many other means which will be useful in difficult weather conditions.

- If one of these trucks stops on the route, means we will block completely the movement, - the governor told. 

12:42In Bratsk the Area of Nikolayevshchina police officers visited the elderly people living alone who can't independently cope with bad weather consequences.

Reported about it in department of communication of Head department of National police in the Nikolaev area.

«In local department of the social help police officers took the list of lonely elderly people, cleared away paths to their houses, were convinced that heating works…When police officers came to one of houses, saw that the entrance door is open. In the house there was an elderly woman who as it became clear, as a result of an illness couldn't get out of bed. The house owner couldn't remember why she didn't close a door. The grandmother felt extremely badly. Law enforcement authorities called doctors and gave the pensioner first aid» , - told in police.

12:35In Odessa media - the center of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine were specified that tram ways in Nikolaev help to clear away about 200 marines - cadets 198 Centers of Naval Forces. They clean the second day in a row from snow tram ways in the residential district the Dry Fountain.

In the center of Nikolaev, near the children's town «Fairy tale» help to clear away tram ways from snow about one hundred marines of separate crew of marines. Together with military seamen also employees of the municipal enterprise «workNikolayevelektrotrans».

According to the commander of VS of Ukraine to the captain of the first rank of Shagen Shayvolodyan, his subordinates with readiness treated need to help the city.

- We well understand that recovery of the normal tram message in Nikolaev therefore our cadets work without cease depends on our help, - the officer noted. 

12:28 As report in KP «ELU of highways» , in Nikolaev the equipment which put city roads in order all night long worked. It was involved 11 snow-removing and 11 posypochnykh of cars, one loader and one tractor T-158. To highways and minor roads poured out 70 tons peschano - salt mix and 41 ton of salt.

Today work on clearing of roads is continued. 12 pieces of equipment which clear away transport communications work and process roads deicing mix. 

12:17 200 marines came to the rescue of housing and communal services and clear away tram ways from snow. Already 6 trams came to the line.

About it on the page on Facebook the chairman of the Nikolaev RSA Vadim Merikov wrote.

«I charged to National police to organize road blocking where there is a clearing of lines» , - he wrote.

11:50In the present and the soldier of a landing assault company in / A 2802 is cleared away h by joint actions of employees of the municipal enterprise of the Nikolaev city council a site of a tram way from the Central market to Komsomolskaya St. on which the tram route No. 6 already carries out passenger traffic, works are continued, soon tram routes will be renewed.

Reports department of information support of the Nikolaev City Council with reference to about itdeputy of the mayor Yury Stepants.

Also today there were to city routes all minibuses.

Trolleybuses work in the usual mode, only the trolleybus No. 4 temporarily doesn't go. Bus service to Big and Small Korenikhami, Matveevka is restored.

11:40 As of 9:00 on January 20 in the territory of area temperature indicators make from 8ºto 12ºfrost, rainfall stopped, a wind of the western 5 m/s.

Reports GU GSChS of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area about it. 

According to the predicted data of the regional center for hydrometeorology the partly cloudy, without significant precipitations, on roads ice, a snow setup, a wind of the western 5 - 10 m/s is expected. Temperature at night 10 - 15°frost, in the afternoon ​​ 5 - 10°frost.

In divisions of GU GSChS of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area on the round-the-clock watch there are 181 persons of staff and 125 pieces of equipment.

Divisions of GU GSChS of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area from 08:00 on January 19 are involved in assistance on roads of area in number of 118 people of staff and 39 pieces of equipment.

From snow drifts within January 17-20 243 cars are withdrawn, help to 576 persons is given, from them are taken to hospitals of 6 pregnant women and 9 sick people. To clearing of roads in the city of Nikolaev and the New Odessa area it is attracted heavy engineering machinery (IMR-2).

Round the clock the staff of public joint stock company works «Nikolayevoblenergo». For rendering the help to them when carrying out repair work at night from Head department GSChS of Ukraine the SARM car with the generator, for lighting is involved in the Nikolaev area.

Divisions of Head department within a day 11 times gave help to crews of an emergency medical service at the movement on highways of the city and area, and also in transportation of patients in hospitals.

11:20 Route Nikolaev - Odessa is open for automobile transport. In more detail ACCORDING TO THE LINK

11:15 The inhabitant of Nikolaev Aleksandra Britvak warns that snow blocks fall from roofs. 

«Be careful near houses, especially multystoried. From roofs and window sills snow blocks fly!!! Dangerously very much and as it is sick - not to transfer (((» - she wrote to Facebook.

10:50 In Nikolaev fighters of AFU clean tram ways down the street Decembrists.

Arkady Dabagyan reported about it on the page on Facebook.

«Thanks to soldiers. I saw how young children with shovels joined them. And it is necessary. It is our city! Ours, and not just not the mayor or Guber. Give, give together» , - Dabagyan wrote.

10:22In the Novoodesky area by forces of National guard of the city of Nikolaev and the equipment of high passability allocated with them, with assistance of SVK «AF «Instant - Service - Agro» it was rendered the help in clearing of the road to to the remote village of Dry Elanets, and also transportation of bread is provided to residents of the village.

10:15 The crowded garbage containers in the residential district  «Scaffold» :

10:10 The head a press - services of management of health care of the Nikolaev regional state administration Yury Bagryantsev at himself on the page on the social network Facebook wrote about work «Fast» for last days:

«On area of 920 calls. Around the city Nikolaev - 456. Among them in the regional center: injuries-16, ORZ-73, pneumonia - 9, to children left 33 crews.

The situation remains intense. With area physicians are helped by GSChS and not indifferent farmers with tractors.Only for days of GSChS gave help to 11 crews! In the city fast it is VERY difficult to move on the yards and intra quarter drives. Not indifferent people were organized in group ‪ #‎Snezhnyypatrulnikolayev also gave help more than to 20 teams of physicians! Brought crews on SUVs, patients, dug out cars from snow captivity, helped with the organization of delivery of donor blood».

10:05 In the Factory area of Nikolaev Road and sidewalks in the yards down the street so anybody also didn't clear away Karpenko from snow. The garbage in containers continues to collect:

10:00 Section of the route Р - << «The resident of Ulyanovsk - Nikolaev» between Nikolayev and Nova Odessa on Wednesday, January 20, it is open for the movement of easy transport

The chief of GU GSChS of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area published on the page on Facebook of video as clean from route snow in area. 

09:00 The public transport including trolleybuses, works at routes, isn't present problems with transportation of passengers in the city. 

08:42In dustbins in Nikolaev municipal solid waste continues to collect. 

The region of YuTZ

The inhabitant of Nikolaev Anna Petrova scarified work of housing and communal services department of the Nikolaev City Council. 

«Having read your note about  «valorous»  whether to work of housing and communal services department in the person of A.N. Palko decided to make sure personally so it???? Having walked on G. Petrova's streets, Frunze, Buznika, the Truths, Seaworthy (ZhEK the BREEZE) about which quality of work can be written separately, but we won't be about it…I saw the following picture… The walk photo on streets is applied… About roads it is possible to write eternally, especially when 3 cars across Frunze went one by one thus without clearing away anything.... Though the carriageway was free… On a photo it is visible as“are carried out actually”the set A.N. Palko priorities apparently they will be carried out probably at the end of the month!!! Everyone to throw out garbage to have literally to storm snow barriers!!!!» - she wrote. 

the Region of the Scaffold

08:23Trams in Nikolaev in the morning on January 20 didn't come to lines, a track still remain under snow. 

Tram ways on Oktyabrsky Avenue

05:16Route Nikolaev - Odessa. Video: Facebook/Oksana Korepina

03:23Snezhna snowdrifts in Bashtanke. Photo: VKontakte / Vitaliylisovsky


02:17Second day elimination of consequences of bad weather in the Snigirevsky area proceeds. At the request of the head of headquarters of area Vadim Merikov on Snigirevshchina it is in addition directed special equipment. 

Reports about it  «Voice of Snigirevshchina». 

As of morning on January 19 without power supply remained 31 settlements of the area, tens electrosupport are damaged. In the area 11 emergency crews work.

Repair work is continued and as of 18:00 power supply in 8 settlements was restored on January 19, however in the area without the electric power there are 21 more settlements. Also, now the situation is complicated by damage of a high-voltage power line on 35 kV.

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