On a visit at the Nikolaev Buryats

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The Nikolaev society of the Buryat culture (the head - Tsiren Tsirenov) in the Central library of Kropivnitsky held a meeting with representatives of society of the Buryat culture from Irkutsk (Russian Federation) and national - cultural societies of the Nikolaev area - Russians, Tatars.

To the present it is presented literaturno - musical composition during which with the works about Buryatia the known Nikolaev poet Vyacheslav Kachurin acted. It shared unforgettable impressions of the stay in Irkutsk. Own verses were recited by professor of chair of philology of the Nikolaev interregional university of development of the person "Ukraine" Mikhail Kowalewski. Performers of the Nikolaev regional public organization Russian National Community "Rusich" who sang popular songs in the Russian and Ukrainian languages pleased with musical performances.

The folklore program prepared by the Nikolaev society of the Buryat culture together with heads folklorno - choreographic ensemble of Irkutsk State Agricultural Academy "Altan of Sagas" Solbon and Oksana Zhambalovymi became the culmination of a holiday. National Buryat songs, modern variety and fate - N - rolny works with elements of the Buryat throat singing were sung. Stories about national Buryat singing, a musical instrument - моринхуур (literally "the tool with horse chapter"), game on this tool were very interesting. As representatives of the Buryat society told, моринхуур has the quadrangular trapetsevidny case from the leather top wild and wooden bottom. The Bezladovy neck is crowned by a figured head in the form of the head of a horse. On a neck pull two strings from a horsehair: "man's" is produced from 130 hairs from a tail of a stallion, and "female" - from 105 hairs from a tail of a mare.

In general, at Buryats one of the main national symbols is the image of a horse which means success. Possibly, it went from "nomadic" times when the horse was considered not only a vehicle, but also a "root" symbol, a courage embodiment. Buryats have a belief:if in life something isn't got on, it is necessary on the greatest tree near the house to hang up a fabric slice with the image of a horse - the main thing that this "horse" fluttered downwind and gave to the master a self-confidence and success. Buryats think of preservation of the roots, traditions, customs much and cultures. Each representative of this nationality seeks to conduct the family tree and her nobility to the eighth knee. They consider themselves as Chingizkhan's descendants. Not to forget the sort, more to communicate and show the culture, this meeting took place also. The Nikolaev society totals only 20 people, but representatives of society address to all nikolayevets, not indifferent to the Buryat culture, that who once happened or lived in Buryatia, to join them.

With greetings from department of affairs of nationalities of the regional state administration the deputy chief of department Victor Chebatarev addressed to the present. "Such meetings, - are sure of department of affairs of nationalities of the regional state administration, - render assistance to development of interest to national cultures at representatives of all nationalities who occupy our multinational area, to peace and harmony strengthening in society, to mutual enrichment of our Ukrainian culture and cultures of other nationalities".


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