The father stole from mother 2 - the summer daughter and carried it to Nikolaev, but on the road it for a carousal removed from the train... without child

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The two-year-old girl whom on July 27 removed from the train "Vitebsk — Simferopol" at railway station in Kremenchug, own father stole.

As reported in the Kremenchug municipal government of militia, incident happened on Monday evening. That day from the train removed the small child who traveled. Where parents of the baby, anybody precisely couldn't tell.

Subsequently it became clear that the father of the child together with the friend took away the daughter from mother in Chernigov. Mother didn't know anything about it. Friends together with the child bought tickets and got on the train "Vitebsk — Simferopol". Men were going to leave in Nikolaev where, it seems, there live relatives of the father - the thief.

"Mother of the girl, having come round that the child isn't present, at once addressed in militia in Chernigov, - the deputy chief of the Kremenchug municipal government of internal affairs, the chief of militia of public safety Denis Zakharchenko told. - Already according to indicative data workers of PPS and department of affairs of minors removed the child from the train in Kremenchug", "The Kremenchug panorama" reports.

But why the baby was in the train? The situation was even more interesting. Already in the train companions, on - visible, decided "to celebrate" successful, in their opinion, stealing and accepted a certain amount of alcohol, for what removed both from the train in front of Kremenchug.

Thus, 2 - the summer baby remained in the train without adults. However, it is short - in Kremenchug it sent to local children's home. As guards, already next day, on July 28 report, for the girl there arrived mother, and took away it home. What to do about a grief - the father and his companion, now solve in militia.


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