Impurity of water in the rivers in Nikolaev constantly changes. Now the most dangerous vacation spots are a boat station, the Watering place and Ingulsky Bridge

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Purity of water in Ingule and the Southern Bug constantly changes but on what her structure depends, physicians can't define.

So, if a week ago beach"Surf" (in Varvarovke)it was recognized dangerous to rest from - for discrepancies of water to standards, this weeks the sanepidstantion didn't find in water on"Surf"any deviations.

As the deputy chief state health officer in Nikolaevtold usMikhail Barkar, the last researches showed that admissible level of microbesin Ingule on the Watering place(near the street of Kirov, OST. School) it is exceeded five times.

And in waterunder old Ingulsky Bridge- four times.

On a beach"Arrow", on which, according to Ministry of Health, still it is forbidden to bathe, level of microbes is still exceeded, but not on many.

It is also dangerous to bathe in waterin Varvarovke around the Central regional hospital. Worst of all affairs are at boat station around oil depot - there admissible level of microbes is exceeded by 20 times!

And onAlluviumwater pure.

Definite answer on what purity of water depends, physicians can't give. After all when on a beach"Surf"the sanepidstantion forbids to bathe from - for discrepancies of water to norms, on the contrary, in the same river, aroundyachts - clubthe composition of water is twice better. And is a little farther in the same river - onAlluvium- water pure.

One of assumptions which are made as the possible reasons of impurity of water, physicians call depth. OnAlluviumriver depth the greatest. And, probably, the reason for that - currents of salty water.

Anyway, it is very dangerous to bathe in the polluted water. Both in Ingule, and in the Southern Bug in different places periodically find and стафилакок, both a salmonella, and various enteric infections. But unambiguously to define what exactly served as an etiology - water in the river or badly washed up or cooked food - is impossible.


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