In the Kazankovsky area the situation with HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis became aggravated to a limit

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There was it shortly after at exit meeting of regional coordination council which took place in the first decade of July, the criticism to the Kazankovsky area in which the situation with incidence on HIV/AIDS and other infectious diseases worsened sounded.

The first deputy chairman of the Kazankovsky district state administration responded to it, he is the head of coordination council concerning counteractionNikolay Sorochinsky, which invited to the area. At the beginning of the performance Nikolay Ivanovich tried to understand the reason of deterioration of a situation, after all considered level of scheduled maintenance sufficient. In his opinion, physicians would have to show more initiative, and the power, in return, would join in process.

Nevertheless, the further he insisted on it, the more questions arose to the power, that actually becomes in the area for overcoming of social diseases. From a number of the objective and subjective reasons debate which were reduced over time to constructive work also began.

That meeting didn't take place formally, the head of departmentSvetlana HotinaI suggested to begin not with the reports of experts prepared in advance, and with structures which have direct impact on a situation, - rural heads, prosveshchenets, militia.Having lifted the head of one of villages in which territory lives most of all patients with active tuberculosis, it became clear that the rural power doesn't know a real picture.In particular, two FAPA work at the territory of the Vladimirovsky Village Council, seven resistant patients are registered. However the head of the Village Council couldn't call number of uninspected people.

Svetlana HotinaI paid attention present to what depends on a position of heads of village councils the organization of fluorographic inspections of citizens, in their hands there are instruments of influence. They have a right to limit actions of the infected people and it is non-standard to resolve an issue of prevention of tuberculosis. As it is done by the chief physician Mikolo - Gulakovskoy of local hospitalPage.Apchel, which practices distribution of lists of people which didn't pass inspection more than two years. And it works. However in day of inspections often there are no district police officers who really influence asocial persons, but them as if specially cause on work. And without district police officers it is more difficult to communicate with those who doesn't wish to be surveyed and treated.

Svetlana HotinaI reminded present that Art. 12 of the Law of Ukraine "About prevention of diseases by tuberculosis" provides compulsory involvement of those who evades from inspection and treatment. Treatment of such people successfully practices in area compulsory, by a court decision. But in Kazanke this provision of the law at all didn't try to apply. The register of those who arrives from imprisonment places isn't kept. I.e. there is no accurate interaction between militia, the power and physicians. The representative of regional department of militia present at meeting only made a helpless gesture, and results, by the way, in the area the unfavourable.

The epidemic situation with tuberculosis in comparison with the corresponding period last year worsened.The indicator of incidence made - 37,9 on 100. yew. us. Specific weight of destructive forms of a disease - 71,4 percent. Since the beginning of year eight cases of the tuberculosis, five - with the destruction, three - with a bakteriovydeleniye are for the first time revealed. Patients were a long time among healthy people, and it is possible to guess consequences only.

One case is revealed at the child who was born from HIV - the infected woman who was struck off the register. The child communicated with arrived of imprisonment places who had tuberculosis. These facts are a dangerous signal for the small Kazankovsky area.

From pediatric service of the area there is no appropriate control over registration of medical documentation of children who arrive in child care facility. Last year from 193 children of the central kindergarten only a half is surveyed on tuberculosis. It testifies aboutlack of interaction between pediatric and ftiziatrichesky services and a regional sanepidstantion, about low level sanitarno - educational work with parents of children. Negatively incidence flash at schools of the settlement of Kazank and the village of Nikolaevka affected indicators туберкулинодиагностики.

Fluorographic inspections captured 335 people on one thousand of population. Groups of risk are surveyed only half.In the Central regional hospital (TsRL) the computer register of the population which is subject to obligatory routine inspection isn't kept. Three times tuberculosis mortality increased. There is unresolved a question of social maintenance at an out-patient stage of treatment of patients active tuberculosis for the purpose of prevention.

Providing improvement the tubinfitsirovannykh of children by additional food at schools, providing with grocery rations, dinners of needy citizens is required.

On coordination council implementation of the regional program of prevention of HIV/AIDS was discussed. Incidence indicators in the first quarter 2009 increased four times and make 52,1 on 100 thousand us. against 11,4 in 2008. The indicator of prevalence grew by 19,3 percent and makes 293,8 on 100 thousand us.

On the account there are 62 HIV - infected the person, including three patients with AIDS, against 54 in 2008. On the account - 13 HIV - the infected children, increase HIV - the associated tuberculosis. On availability level to HIV diagnostics, first of all, points population coverage by screening inspection to HIV. By results of monitoring among 451 surveyed on HIV (2,13% of population total), pregnant women make 49 percent. For situation improvement since June of the current year at TsRL the office "Trust" works.


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