The local police inspector brings in Voznesensk patients with tuberculosis who refuse treatment, to hospital

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To meeting of coordination council concerning distribution of alcoholism, tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS in Voznesensk there arrived infectiologists, phthisiatricians from Dolinskaya of the Kirovograd area, reports management of health care of the regional state administration. Having learned about methods and results of work of voznesenets, they wished to adopt experience. Not the secret that Voznesensk the central regional hospital (CRH) is one of the best in our area and on level is material - technical providing, and on quality of providing medical aid. Since 2004 of TsRB - in the project of Ministry of Health on reforming of primary link.

- The hospital won two grants, one of them on narcology and a trust office, - the chief physician of TsRB Anatoly Gomenyuk told. - And it is additional investments for the budgetary establishment which give the chance to develop.

Incidence of tuberculosis in Voznesensk since the beginning of year decreased by 17 percent and made 63,3 on 100 thousand population though as a whole it increased in the area for 5 percent at the expense of country people. However an epidemic situation in the city difficult, after all on identification, distribution and tuberculosis mortality Voznesensk - in the sad three of leaders. Incidence of HIV tuberculosis - the infected persons increases. So, from 24 patients at four HIV - the associated tuberculosis is revealed, they are on treatment in a regional tubdispanser.

Nevertheless, part of patients refuse treatment in spite of the fact that in hospital it is possible in full volume and free of charge to receive antitubercular preparations. The doctor should work with everyone - to the phthisiatrician, the infectiologist, the expert in narcology, convincing of need of preventive treatment.Last year chemoprophylaxis drew 85 interest of HIV - the infected people.

In hospital registers and the personal accounting of all sick HIV - the associated tuberculosis are entered, in тубкабинете the responsible medic for providing medical aid of this category of patients is appointed, verifications with an office of infectious diseases are monthly carried out; for prevention in тубкабинете voluntary consultation for patients with tuberculosis, HIV - sssotsiirovanny tuberculosis, and also for children who were born from HIV - infected mothers is carried out.

As an example, Voznesensky physicians closely cooperate with bodies of local government, employees of militia, court, etc. Patients who refuse inspection and treatment, accompanied by the militiaman in the beat are delivered in тубкабинет.

In горрайсуд on them documents are filed, and only by a court decision patients go for compulsory treatment in the conditions of a hospital. So, since the beginning of the current year it was hospitalized five patients.


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