Varvarovki's inhabitants, the Old Watering place and Parutino's village

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In the Nikolaev area three cases of stings каракуртов are registered already. And two - in the city of Nikolaev.

As reports management of health care of the regional state administration, Varvarovki's inhabitants, the Old Watering place and Parutino's village suffered. Victims каракуртов worked at personal plots and kitchen gardens without protective clothes and footwear.

Management of health care pays your attention to need of observance of safety rules and ability to distinguish poisoning an insect.

Working on economy (collecting hay or a dry grass, stacking firewood or other), put on the working gloves, the closed footwear and dense clothes with the sleeves clasped by cuffs.

Karakurt - the most poisonous of all spiders of fauna of Ukraine. Coloring it is black - velvety, the size of the adult каракурта - 1,5 - 2 cm

Stings каракурта cause very serious poisoning which at untimely treatment can come to an end with death in the person. Habitats каракурта - dry wormwood steppes, heathlands, saline soils, slopes of ravines, ditches, a wreck of the thrown settlements.

Karakurt builds the shelter in holes of rodents, hollows, earth cracks, braiding it a web on which in July, August attaches web cocoons with layings of eggs. In 5-7 days from eggs will appear паучата, but they will creep out of a cocoon only next spring at air temperature 30 ° (15-20 ° in a shadow).

It is necessary to remember that young individuals too are poisonous, though less, than adults. The first cases of a sting the karakurty can be in May - the beginning of June. Female polovozrely individuals with a spherical black paunch size from a pea to small hazelnut with red points on the top part of a paunch are especially poisonous.
Their stings in July, August are most dangerous, in comparison with stings young, etc. individuals at whom red points on a black paunch are surrounded with a white kayemochka. In September there comes intensive death каракуртов, by the end of October all adult individuals perish, remain to winter only паучата in cocoons.

It is necessary to know that каракурт the person himself doesn't attack, but at a casual pridavlivaniye he, being protected, can bite the person that occurs most often at night, at rest in nature, is more rare in the afternoon if bare foot to come on каракурта, or incidentally collecting to capture him hands wild flowers, a grass, or at an earth fence, lying on the earth, mowing on virgin sites. Defeats in rural areas and in field conditions prevail. In the cities stings каракурта are extremely rare (are possible on the suburb).

Sting symptoms каракурта:

The sting low-painful and often isn't felt by victims. Local reaction to poison is absent or is very poorly expressed - round a place of a sting there can be a zone of a pobledneniye of skin (diameter in some centimeters), surrounded with a rim of a weak gipermiya. In the majority of cases of local changes isn't present and extremely difficultly to find a sting place. Sometimes the sting is perceived as a prick by a needle. From - for small morbidity of a sting (difference from uzhaleniye scorpions, wasps! ) many victims who have been especially bitten at night in the period of a dream, don't connect the sudden arisen disease with a sting of a poisonous insect, ask for medical care in from communication with the general manifestation of intoxication.

The all-toxic phenomena develop quickly (in 5-30 min. after a sting) and roughly progress. Weight of poisoning varies from rather easy, quickly passing forms to the heaviest, sometimes fatal cases. For the expressed forms the painful muscular pains which are combining with paresteziya in extremities, a waist, a stomach and a thorax are characteristic. Patients are excited, often covered cold then, the fear of death, the person intense, hyperemic is expressed, skler "are poured" by blood, the mimicry is poor, a look suffering. Dacryagogue is quite often observed.

Already soon after a sting sharp muscular weakness develops, especially bottom extremities owing to what patients hardly move or can't stand on the feet at all. Painful pain syndrome (lomyashchy, pulling and tearing pains of different localization) are combined with the expressed tension of muscles. Muscles of an abdominal tension are often very strained that together with dryness of language, intestines paresis (the vermicular movement is weakened, gases), expressed leykotsitozy don't depart and body temperature increase to 38ºС imitate a picture of a sharp stomach (chances of wrong surgical intervention at stings каракурта) above. There can be also a nausea and vomiting.

The help at a sting каракурта

The first 2-3 minutes after a sting it is possible прижечь a sting place каракурта a match for what 1-2 matches press heads to a place of a sting and set fire 3-it burning match, as the skin blanket is surprised (not deeper than 0,5 mm), the flame of matches has enough for zootoxin destruction. This way is irreplaceable if there is no opportunity at once to give necessary medical help. To the place of a sting it is also necessary to put ice. Therefore the victim needs to be taken to hospital as soon as possible.


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