Nikolayevets Sergey Gladyr became the most productive basketball player of combined Ukraine in game with Slovaks

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July 31. Ukraine - Slovakia - 95:72 (17:18, 25:22, 18:12, 35:20)

August 1. Ukraine - Slovakia - 93:59 (22:20, 19:14, 28:12, 24:13)

The national team of Ukraine carried out showdown before start in tournament for the right to keep a registration in group "A" of the European basketball.

In comparison with matches in Belarus (wards V. Melnichuka and G. Zashchuka won two matches from three), in structure there was the Kiev American Pecherov and the Nikolaev Spaniard Gladyr.

Our fellow countryman also became the most productive in the first duel with 24 points. And, Sergey got six throws from seven of - for arches. And Pecherov was the best goal-scorer of combined Ukraine in a repeated duel (15 points). The captain of MBK "Nikolaev" Onufriyev wrote down on the personal account of 8 points for two matches.

On August 5 the national team of Ukraine will play the first match of Euro-2009 on a visit against the national team of Hungary. In its structure on game Alexey Onufriyev and Sergey Gladyr went.


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