Forestry the plavnyakh allowed hunting for Biyenkov! The Nikolaev ecologists sound alarm

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Prior to the beginning of a hunting season in the territory of the Nikolaev area of time remained practically nothing - 10 days. According to the order No. 70 of the Nikolaev regional management of forest and hunting economy "About carrying out hunting for territories of the Nikolaev area during a hunting season of 2009/2010" hunters will be able to come for hunting on August 15, at 18:00.

In view of that in this order which, is by the way, already agreed with regional management of environmental protection, is told about an absolute prohibition of hunting only in the territory of Ramsarsky grounds (the water area of the Tiligulsky estuary and the Yagorlytsky gulf) and words it isn't told about Biyenkov the plavnyakh, the Nikolaev ecologists start "clanging all bells".

So, according to the director of RLP "Kinburnsky Braid" Zinoviy PETROVICH, in connection with a drought this year waterfowl appeared in a distress.

- Almost all lakes dried up, there were only salty lakes where there is no livelihood, and Biyenkovye плавни. And only in Biyenkov the plavnyakh of a bird now also can be fed, - Zinovy Petrovich tells. - It is important that there were reserved lands where birds could in case of such here cataclysms find to itself livelihood and feel in relative safety.

Besides, the director regionalno - landscape park "Kinbursnky Braid" reported that ecologists officially addressed in regional management of environmental protection hunting of video on Biyenkov the plavnyakh this year it was forbidden. Ecologists yet didn't receive the answer to this address.

- As far as I know, environmental protection management to management of forestry wrote out the instruction about need of carrying out recalculation of birds in this territory, - Zinoviy Petrovich noted.

In turn, in regional management of lesookhotnichy economy note that bad in hunting for Biyenkov the plavnyakh they don't see anything, a pier there hunted for years and present 2009 shouldn't become an exception.Besides, foresters pay attention that Biyenkovye плавни actually are artificial and the channel on which water arrives in them, is constantly silted, and плавни grow with a cane. Hunters after opening of hunting clean every year плавни from a cane that doesn't allow them to grow finally. However, regional management of lesookhotnichy economy stated in the order on hunting opening that in the territory of Ochakov grounds hunting for sandpipers is forbidden.

Generally, it is necessary to hope only that this year the hunting season will pass quietly - unlike last year's when in the first days after opening of hunting for Biyenkov the plavnyakh Red Book birds were shot.


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