On the case of "conclusion" of means from "Nikolayevvodokanal" the administrative protocol is transferred to court instead of criminal case

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Vitaly Borodin. Photo: http://imena.mk.ua/
Investigators of management of SBU in the Nikolaev area didn't manage to bring to trial criminal case upon a conclusion of 600 thousand hryvnias from KP «Nikolayevvodokanal» , however collected materials were enough for making in the relation the management «Nikolayevoblteploenergo» , which was also related to this case, an administrative report for violation of requirements for the notice of the conflict of interests.

The corresponding conclusion can be drawn from Dmitry Pletenchuk's material, placed in his personal blog on «Crime. Is NOT PRESENT».

We will remind how it was reported earlier, in November, 2015 management of SBU in the Nikolaev area has prevented a conclusion of 600 thousand hryvnias from the municipal enterprise «Nikolayevvodokanal». So, regional municipal enterprise «Nikolayevoblteploenergo» has exposed a claim of KP «Nikolayevvodokanal» for 2 million hryvnias. On the basis of this claim the water utility has transferred 600 thousand hryvnias not on heatpower, and on private firm which founder is the relative of one of deputy directors  «Nikolayevoblteploenergo». This payment has been made according to «to cedation» it is long.

As a result field investigators of SBU have found this money in Lviv, have taken permission to arrest of this money in the Central district court of Nikolaev, and have arrested them.

On this fact the criminal proceedings by part 5 of article 191 of the Criminal code of Ukraine have been open ( «Assignment or waste of someone else's property which has been entrusted to the person or was under his authority, made in especially large sizes or organized group» ).

In turn Pletenchuk has noted that the administrative protocol according to Art. 172-7 of the Administrative code of Ukraine is brought to trial ( «Violation of requirements for the notice of the conflict of interests» ).

«The essence of a problem was that a certain Borodin Vitaly Anatolyevich, fulfilling duties of the director of the municipal enterprise «Nikolayevoblteploenergo» , summer of last year, having actually spat on the law of Ukraine «About prevention of corruption» , I have signed turnkey contracts behind numbers 17 and 18 with firm «Euroheatinstallation - service» , which director and the founder, in turn, is a certain Zagorodnyaya Natalya Vyacheslavovna who, (you will never believe) it was his common-law wife and 1-I live with him together down the street the Line (I won't write the address for ethical reasons further). Here such simple one-pass scheme has revealed us during journalistic searches» , - Pletenchuk writes. 

«Here, of course, one more question–arises as his work was controlled by his management in the person of the head of department zhilishchno - municipal services of the Nikolaev area. And the second question as now this business will develop in ours «the most humane in the history of mankind» Ukrainian court. And if to be absolutely exact–in Leninsky Court of the city of Nikolaev. And if is even deeper–according to Art. 172-7 of an adminkodeks of Ukraine, (yes, we it is aware) where business was directed by our law enforcement agencies (you look–watch)» , - he has added, having noted that at the moment Borodin continues to work at the enterprise at a position of the chief engineer.

We will remind, the management of KP «Nikolayevoblteploenergo» it has been completely replaced with new management which was approved by the head of the Nikolaev RSA Vadim Merikov. Earlier it was reported, how in December, 2014 then being the director of KP «Nikolayevoblteploenergo» Vladimir Bereznitsky has declared that upon the demand of the adviser to the chairman of the Nikolaev regional state administration Yaroslava Filatova at a position of deputy directors of KP «Nikolayevoblteploenergo» two persons, so-called have been entered «looking» , who began to be engaged in attempts of withdrawal of funds from the enterprise, forcing employees to do kickbacks and «to deribanit» property. It was talked of deputies Igor Radchenko and Pavle Shpake.

After that Vadim Merikov I have dismissed Vladimir Bereznitsky, having declared that the old management of the enterprise isn't effective. Also in the current year also the director of KP «has been replacedNikolayevvodokanal» - the deputy of the Nikolaev regional council Sergey Kulazhkin became the new head. 

We will remind also that contractors «Nikolayevoblteploenergo»  accused the deputy directors appointed upon the demand of the adviser to the Nikolaev governor «Nikolayevoblteploenergo» Pavel Shpak and Igor Radchenko is that they are involved in pressure upon contractors of this municipal enterprise who has developed into the actual extortion of money.

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