Ministry of Education: ideal option - full cancellation of privileges for entrants

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Ideal option of streamlining of introductory campaign in higher educational institutions is full cancellation of privileges for entrants.

As the correspondent of the UNIAN reports, it was declared by the director of the department of the higher education of the Ministry of Education and Science Yaroslav BOLYUBASH today on a press - conferences in Kiev, making comments, in particular, on a current negative trend, from - for which the greatest number of places in prestigious higher education institutions was occupied not by the best entrants on knowledge, and exempts.

"It is possible to choose ideal option: to cancel all privileges at the accession to higher education institution. The only privilege is a knowledge, it is point in the certificate", - told Ya.BOLYuBASh.

He also noticed that on the first and the subsequent stages of study in higher educational institutions such category of children (exempts - the UNIAN) suffers. "They become second-grade, and after the first or second semester them deduct", - the expert stated a tendency.

At the same time he noticed that in present Ukrainian realities completely it is impossible to cancel privileges. "The knowledge is the European norm, and privileges can be, for example, in questions of social security", - told Ya.BOLYuBASh.


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