Under the chief of the state ecological inspection in the Nikolaev area the chair, and all from - for unfair work

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On board of the regional state administration which took place on August 6, results of work of the state ecological inspection in Nikolaev for the first were considered half-year 2009. Information on inspection activity to members of board was provided by the first deputy of the state ecological inspection in the Nikolaev area Vasily Kushneruk.

Members of board noted that ecological inspection carries insufficiently actively out work on legislation observance in the sphere of protection and rational use of a subsoil. Thereof unauthorized mining in Pervomaisk and Voznesensky areas increased.

Besides, the management of the state ecological inspection in the Nikolaev area not in full adjusted cooperation with executive authorities and local government.

Also measures for placement of personnel (inspectors) for regions of area weren't taken. In particular, according to the Bashtansky, Vradiyevsky, Kazankovsky, Domanevsky, May Day, Ochakov, Novoodesky, Zhovtnevy district state administrations numerous addresses to the inspection management concerning definition of the responsible inspector and the schedule of its work in the territory of the area arrived. These addresses still remain without decision.

As reports a press - regional state administration service, the State ecological inspection in the Nikolaev area doesn't take a measure concerning preservation a forest plantation, protection of water resources, unauthorized export of natural resources (The May Day area), eliminations unauthorized a musorosvalok (the Novoodesky area) and so forth. Also there are cases of a delay of consideration in addresses of citizens (the Kazankovsky area).

Members of board, considering above-mentioned violations, recommended to the governor to address in the Ministry of protection of surrounding environment of Ukraine concerning the solution of a question of compliance of a post of the chief of the state ecological inspection in Babenko V.A. Nikolaev area.

As for the inspection, members of board recommended to it to strengthen work on ensuring realization of a state policy and implementation государственног


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