Judges were 90 years old

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Yesterday, on June 27, in Nikolaevsk art Russian drama theater passed the solemn meeting devoted 90 - to the anniversary from the date of formation of judicial authorities in Ukraine.

To congratulate the judges, quite so acting called workers of justice, Dmitry Oboronko, the deputy head of the regional state administration, Vitaly Travyanko, the vice-chairman of regional council, Tatyana Yablonovskaya, the deputy of the mayor, Leonid Kaftanov, the deputy prosecutor of the Nikolaev area, Artur Voitenko, the deputy head of department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area, Natalya Efremova, the chief of a regional Pension fund, Victor Tselishchev, the deputy chief of SBU, Galina Vovnenko, the first deputy chairman of Appellate court of the Nikolaev area, representatives of legal profession, a private notariate, veterans of justice and others came.

According to Tatyana Yablonovskaya, judicial authorities all life accompany the person. From the first document which he receives - the birth certificate, and further - dividing joyful and sad events.

In turn Vitaly Travyanko, wished to guards of the constitution not only executions of all desires, but also to come to the European level of work with the European salary.

Today judicial authorities are the organization of work of a notariate; representation of interests of our country during hearing of cases by courts not only Ukraine, but also the foreign states, the international judicial authorities; the executive service which is carrying out performance of decisions of the courts and other bodies according to laws of Ukraine; civil registrations; formation of legal culture of the Ukrainian society; registration of mass media and public organizations and many other things.

According to Sergey Shatalyuk, the chief of Head department of justice in the Nikolaev area, "the justice unites in itself 63 functions in the sphere is state - legal policy both continues consistently and is weighed to carry out reforming of the branch. In plans - reforming of judicial system, the public executive service, penal system, a notariate and fight against corruption.And all this is for the purpose of the statement of democratic principles of development of society, the rule of law, the principles of justice, a priority of the rights and freedoms of the person and the citizen".

As a whole meeting took place as some joked, democratically, but within the current legislation.

Reference: On July 15, 1918 the hetman Skoropadsky (the period of the Ukrainian National Republic) signed the special law according to which the Ministry of lawsuits was renamed into the Ministry of Justice. With state for August 16 in Ukraine under the direction of the Ministry of Justice three trial chambers, 19 district judges and 112 city and district congresses of world judges worked.


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