For Apple Saviour the line of believers in Nikolaev lasted for the whole quarter

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On August 19 orthodox Christians note Lord's Transformation or in the people - Apple Saviour. This day believers bring in church on consecration apples and other fruits.

By tradition parishioners become round premises of church, display apples, honey, grapes and other products, the priest bypasses all flock and consecrates the brought fruit and people.

Parishioners of the Cathedral of the Nativity of the Theotokos which is on Lyagin Street, became not round church, and, it is possible to tell, round a quarter. The live turn was formed from doors of the temple and to the most Soviet. People simply on the earth spread out everything that brought on lighting.

In the Cathedral of the Kasperovsky icon of Bozhy Mother (Sadovaya St.):

In Sacredly - Nikolaev Cathedralchurches(st.Faleevskaya):

Gospel narrates that Jesus I took three next pupils: Petra, Jacob and Ioann, also I rose together with them by the mountain to pray. There during prayers It "changed before them: and lit up the person Its, as the sun, its clothes became white, as light" ( Мф.17:2 ). Thus were two antiquated prophetMoisey and Eli, which talked to Jesus "about his outcome which He was necessary to make in Jerusalem" ( Lx.9:31 ). Having seen it, the struck and scared Pyotr told: "Ravvi! well to us here to be; we will make three jackpot: To you one, to Moisey one, and one Eli" ( Мк.9:5 ). After these words the cloud which has dawned all was, and pupils heard from a cloud voice : "Seius is the Son my beloved, in Which my goodwill; To it listen" ( Мф.17:5 ).


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