The international tournament on freestyle in Nikolaev was won by the Russian and nikolayevets

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The trainer of a Russian team - the honored trainer of UkraineVitaly ShvedovI promised that one of participants of today's starts will apply for Olympic Games-2014 medals in Sochi.

Dozens of years the international freestyle competitions - only "small parties" of local athletes weren't held in Nikolaev. And here past week on an old springboard of Spartak base flew the Russian and Ukrainian flags, and athletes from these two countries drew difficult somersaults and pirouettes in air, competing on account of an open cup of the city of Nikolaev devoted to the Independence Day of Ukraine.

What wind brought to Nikolaev the Russian masters? Here they werethanks to the known trainerTo Vitaly Shvedov, which brought up the whole galaxy of strong fristaylist in Nikolaev, and then and in Belarus. Alas, the talent of the highly experienced mentor was once again not demanded in Ukraine, and now he trains Olympians for Russia. In Sochi with a view to Games-2014 DYuSSh on winter sports opened, and to Vitaly Leonidovich last year suggested to head freestyle office.

Capable guys and girls of Swedes looked for across all Krasnodar Krai and neighboring regions - in Krasnodar, Sochi, Armavir, Rostov. On a pencil of the trainer batutist, gymnasts, acrobats got. The team of perspective athletes who agreed to test itself in a new sport was as a result collected. Among them the master of sports of the international class, the champion of Europe in acrobaticsAlexander Tarasov,master of sports in trampolining and acrobatics Ilya Brizhak, masters of sports in gymnasticsAlina GridnevaandEvgenia Talalayeva, other talents. According to Tarasov, the Olympic status of the last became one of the reasons which have induced it to replace acrobatics on freestyle.

Started from scratch, tells Swedes, got used to skis, managed just once - to come another to snow in the winter. And in the summer the trainer and ten fristaylist arrived to Nikolaev - to two-month training collecting.

- In Sochi I can't promise a medal of Games. Four years - too small term "to make" the Olympic champion, - are told by Vitaly Shvedov. - But to prepare the participant of the Olympic Games, I think, we will manage.Now in the Russian freestyle personnel crisis. Veterans to Sochi-2014 can not hold on and there is at them no desire "to plow" at former level. Here Lebedev who has become the prize-winner in Turin, received the apartment, the car, a presidential grant and doesn't train any more.

As reportedVitaly Shvedov, the management of federation of freestyle of Russia decided to create the experimental national team which will finance for participation in foreign collecting on the basis of its Sochi team. However, in November Shvedov's pets will go not to foreign voyage, and to snow-covered Murmansk where will work over ski equipment.

Small retreat. The summer springboard for freestyle from which it is possible to jump in water, on open spaces of the former Union is only in Nikolaev. Alas, now this rusted giant who exchanged the third ten, looks quite modestly, and in not the far future unique for all former Soviet Union the sporting venue risks to be scattered in red dust. According to the trainerLyubov Korobochkina, it should the Nikolaev freestyle absolutely hardly without the feasible help of regional sport management. And so it was succeeded to get a trampoline grid and a path for trainings in the sports hall. Still for jumps on a springboard to get hold of a path, after all disposable, presented by Japanese twenty years ago, the Nikolaev athletes use still, titanic efforts supporting it in working order.

On this path which has been plentifully moistened with water, past week from nine-meter height participants of an open cup of the city of Nikolaev also rushed. These competitions became good school and for Russians before return to Sochi, and for the Nikolaev fristaylist. The pupil of the Nikolaev highest school of physical culturewon with a solid separationVasily Kopaygorodsky, which got over recently in Sochi. The resident of Krasnodar Ilya Brizhak and nikolayevets Vyacheslav Bolshov became prize-winners. Fans of sports, for certain, noticed Krasnoshapk's surname in the final protocol. Yes, Anton Krasnoshapka - the son of the well-known Nikolaev batutist, the repeated World Cup and EuropeVadim Krasnoshapki.

At women I wonAlina Gridnevafrom Armavir. This former gymnast declared to "The Nikolaev news" that she "wildly liked" freestyle and she it becomes obligatory in Sochi the Olympic champion! In five years we will check.

On Thursday, day of the final, jumps were watched attentively by the honored trainer of UkraineYury Kobelnikand other experts.The other day the national team of Ukraine under the leadership of Yury Mikhaylovich goes for a month to Leyk - Plesid for participation in training collecting.

The open cup of the city of Nikolaev was held accurately by a judiciary board led by Lyubov Korobochkina, and organized these competitions Nikolaev горспорткомитет.

August 26-27. Nikolaev. Open cup of the city of Nikolaev on the freestyle, devoted to the Independence Day of Ukraine. 23 participants. Chief judge of competitionsNatalya Shvedova.


1. V. Kopaygorodsky (NVUFK, Sochi) - 156,93

2. I. Brizhak (Krasnodar) - 117,7

3. V. Bolshov (Nikolaev) - 115,8

4. M. Demeshko (NVUFK, Sochi) - 113,96

5. M. Belonozhko (Nikolaev) - 113,96

6. A. Krasnoshapka (Nikolaev) - 95,03

7. A. Mikhaylov (Nikolaev) - 85,6


1. A. Gridneva (Armavir) - 86,5


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