One nikolayevets in a year ate 46 kg of meat, 20 kg of fish, 120 kg of bread and 247 pieces of eggs

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Food as one of basic needs of a live organism, plays an important role in health preservation. The full-fledged set of food is necessary for normal activity of the person taking into account his specific features, character and intensity robots, accommodation conditions. This set has to include all necessary components in an optimum ratio: proteins of a vegetable and animal origin, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, microcells, the Head department of statistics reports.

By results of the carried-out calculations on the average one inhabitant of area in 2008 consumed about 46 kg of meat and meat products that for 12% exceeds level of 2007, 20 kg of fish and fish products (for 11%), 16 kg of vegetable oil (for 7%), 124 kg of vegetables and melon food crops (for 1%).

Together with it, consumption of milk and dairy products decreased by 7% and made 234 kg, bakeries - for 5% (120 kg), potatoes - for 7% (96 kg), fruits, berries and grapes - for 2% (40 kg). Consumption of sugar and eggs remained at the level of 2007 (44 kg and 247 pieces respectively).

Caloric content of an average daily diet of the population decreased in comparison with 2007 by 2% and made 3027 kcal on one person.

It should be noted that the regional consumption level of some food was above an average across Ukraine, in particular, milk and dairy products - for 9%, bakeries - for 4%, fish and fish products - for 13%, sugar - for 6%, sunflower oil - for 9%.


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