MBK "Nikolaev" met in a friendly match with BQ "Griffins"

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On training collecting in Evpatoria, MBK "Nikolaev" the BQ "Griffins" played a friendly match with team from Simferopol. About it reports the official site of Municipal basketball club "Nikolaev".

By agreement of head coaches 3 quarters by the main structures and 4-ую a quarter a young reserve of teams were played.

The account on quarters - 1-ая a quarter: 21-16; 2-ая quarter: 26-16; 3-I quarter: 12-14; 4-ая quarter (youth structures) 5-14. As a result our team won with the score 64-60.

The most productive players were Vadim Matyukevich - 18 points and 5 selections, Ivan Shkurupy - 11 points and 8 selections, and also Maxim Shepil - 8 points and 4 selections, Leonid Yaylo - 8 points, Vadim Norenko - 6 points and 4 selections, Alexey Onufriyev - 4 points and 5 selections, Igor Silkovsky - 4 points and 2 selections, Vladislav Tonchenko - 4 points and 3 selections.

Among young players 4 points and 6 selections, Mikhail Galenko 1 points and 2 selections caused a stir Ilya Zhukovsky.

P.S. Considering inaccessibility of the Internet on the district where carries out collecting team, photos will be added a little later.


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