The court forbade Sunday performances in Nikolaev both "left", and "right"

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About six hours today, 28-го June, the court session in the Central district court of Nikolaev in the claim of the Nikolaev Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies lasted. The city power appealed to court to forbid carrying out political actions 29-го June - both from outside "right", and from outside "left".

We will remind that on Sunday far right forces intended to organize in the city torch the processions, devoted to birthday of the leader of unitary enterprise Roman Shukhevich. However in plans of two "left" organizations - the PSPU city committee and "Young Guard" - was not to allow carrying out torch procession, in other words - to break it.

During judicial hearing quite excited disputes between representatives of contradictory camps burst. Remarks concerning copying of history, charge of attempts to revive fascism (and fascist "troubles" sounded were attributed both "right", and "left").

However another is interesting. During meeting it became clear that the nationalist organizations, going to carry out the procession (KUNA, NRU, VO "Freedom"), didn't notify bodies of local government on intention to hold this event - as the current legislation demands that. At the same time they placed information on it in some print media of Nikolaev.

26-more го June of PSPU and "Young Guard", having learned about approaching actions, gave to the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies of the notice of intention to carry out counterpickets to memory of victims of OUN - unitary enterprise. When the judge Vladimir Aleynikov tried "to split" "left" regarding, whether they set as the purpose to break torch procession in honor of Shukhevich, the leader of "Young Guard" Evgenia Bondarenko declared:

- Shukhevich's supporters didn't submit any notices of the torch procession. About what failure can there be a speech? On the contrary - if they leave, it will turn out so what exactly they try to break our actions as we just submitted the notice.

Anatoly Ilchenko who represented the Congress of the Ukrainian nationalists in court (though itself during performances repeatedly I declared that it the non-party), told that not only "right", but also "left" it is necessary to allow to hold the actions as considers that the ban will give nothing.

- All of them equally leave and will distribute the propaganda garbage as they usually and do it irrespective of, will forbid them or won't forbid, - Ilchenko told.

As a result, the court came to conclusion that is more logical and more fair to forbid carrying out all political actions - and that are initiated "left", and that are initiated by "right". It is connected with that tomorrow on the central city streets there will pass the mass of the actions devoted to the Constitution day and Day of youth. Continuous "ball" and any policy!

The court approved also separate resolution in which it is spoken: "on June 29, 2008 at 19 hours 30 minutes at the corner of streets Admiral's and Soviet in the city of Nikolaev carrying out illegal mass action (torch procession) concerning celebration 101-й anniversaries of the birth of the general of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army Roman Shukhevich is planned... Considering that this action, proceeding from circumstances of its organization and carrying out, will constitute special public danger, the court considers necessary to finish about these circumstances to data of Executive Committee of the Nikolaev City Council and Department of Protection of the Law and order of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area, having obliged them to take urgent measures for the purpose of counteraction to carrying out the specified mass action in the territory of the city of Nikolaev... "


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