On the City Day on the Soviet 700 actors present the historical musical, and also on the main street will pass parade of brides

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The schedule of actions which will take place on September 12, in Day 220 - the anniversaries of Nikolaev, prepared by Federation the amatorskikh of the Nikolaev theaters (FAMT) and the Municipal government concerning culture and a cultural heritage of the city of Nikolaev.

16.00 - 18.00 - The street of live sculptures on Soviet. The new direction of theatrical activity which already subdued inhabitants of Nikolaev. Various images embodied in statues and sculptures, will please the audience. For a symbolical payment of a statue move and with them it is possible to be photographed.

17.00 - The musical "The city of Nikolaev - our life!. ", in which MORE THAN 700 people (representatives of youth theaters of the city) are INVOLVED. Historical dramatized musically - choreographic action. You will see a picture of a development of the city in colourful and fabulous game of actors, vocalists, choreographers, fayershchik and мн. other. Venue: Square in front of the palace of Shipbuilders.

18.00 - city action. Parade of lovers "Nikolaev - the city of brides". Venue: Square in front of the palace of Shipbuilders.

At this time organizers invite girls to come to a holiday in wedding dresses.

"Let's prove that the city of Nikolaev - the city of the most beautiful brides. Let Ginnes's book will accept us in the ranks! ".


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