In the Kharkov area the parachutist

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As today told to the correspondent of the UNIAN in the Main thing management concerning emergency situations of the Kharkov regional state administration, the tragedy happened in Sunday, August 30, near Kharkov, in airfield in the village Korotichi, during parachute jumps of members of aero club.

According to regional management, the parachutist died right after falling, on a place, having got injuries incompatible with life.

The representative of airfield noted that 39 - the summer victim had the certificate of the parachutist of category B (only 4 categories - And, the B, In,), was rather skilled athlete and before carried out 130 jumps. According to the interlocutor of agency, the mistake of the parachutist led to the tragedy - he tried to carry out maneuver (turn) at the small height that isn't allowed by rules.

"In this situation the parachute sharply loses height, and it, as a rule, leads to tragic consequences", - the expert told. He added that it is a typical mistake which is made by athletes, - this year similar cases were in Chuguev and Lugansk, and also it is a lot of in Russia.

According to the representative of airfield, the tragic jump in Korotichakh is recorded by an amateur video camera, and shooting confirms preliminary conclusions of experts.

The special commission studies all circumstances of death of the parachutist, the representative of airfield reported.


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