The Nikolaev physicians carried out the first teleoperation by means of "Skype"

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The medicine Nikolaeva comes to new level. The emergency medical service hospital since recent time is able to afford to carry out teleoperations - that is operations which course physicians since any end of the globe can watch and advise those doctors who perform operation directly on a place.

As the chief physician of BSMPtold usAlexander Demyanov, the first operation performed in Nikolaev is a pilot project. That is, physicians could perform operation successfully and in usual conditions. Another thing is that, using advanced technologies, doctors proved possibility of use of such operation in the future, possibility of telemedical consultations.

In Nikolaev under supervision of the manager by division of urgentny therapy which at that time was in the Kharkov institute of traumatology, performed operation at the woman with a fracture of a neck of a hip. Information on a condition of bones and other important data which were transferred to Kharkov was output to the digital display. Directly in BSMP operation was performed by three surgeons, the nurse, the anesthesiologist and the hospital attendant.

BSMP - highly specialized hospital, the main emphasis is given on those patients who demand institute attention. If the person for whom the help of the physician who specializes in a certain sphere of medicine is necessary here gets, need to wait while it will arrive to hospital for quite some time now disappeared. Or, if the patient is nontransportable, the problem of his transfer to the necessary medical institution disappears by itself - thanks to a telemedicine.

Alexander DemyanovI emphasized that in many establishments of teleconsultation are put on a commercial basis. The Nikolaev physicians found other way - used "Skype" server. Therefore we have teleoperations - pleasure not commercial.



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