I would call them businessmen with the doubtful past, - the mayor Senkevich about local "criminal leaders"

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The Nikolaev mayor Alexander Senkevich considers that the people famous in Nikolaev as criminal leaders, it is necessary to call businessmen with the doubtful past.

Senkevich has declared to journalists in the course a press it - conferences on Friday, June 24, the correspondent tells «Crime. Is NOT PRESENT».

So, Senkevich, answering a question of the correspondent of the edition concerning presence at him of any relations by the people known in Nikolaev as criminal leaders «Animated cartoon» and «Naum» , I have noted that considers it necessary to call people who are known today how criminal leaders, «businessmen with the doubtful past».

- I would depart from such term as «todaycriminal leader». Because, as far as I understand, criminal leaders have to be in prison and there the friend between the friend disposes of people who sit. In Nikolaev there are businessmen. The origin of their capital can raise at someone doubts. Therefore to say that someone is engaged in crime…there in principle, bandits have to be imprisoned as corrupt officials and others which break the law. Therefore let's depart from the word «criminal leader» , let's speak «businessmen with the doubtful past or with doubtful reputation» , - Senkevich has noted. 

As for Mikhail Titov famous as "Animated cartoon", Senkevich has reported that he met him two times in life, and those already in the status of the mayor.

- I met two times in the life Mikhail Titov, being a mayor. This person in group of other businessmen has decided to get acquainted and ask how I as the mayor plan to work with business. Therefore I can tell you that with all people who have some social status, some business interests in the city sooner or later they come to the mayor. I respond to the offer to cooperate: «Only within the current legislation». I can tell that we met Titov in this building, - Senkevich has noted.

The mayor Nikolaeva has commented also on the fact that I played soccer together and Igor Naumenko (known, as «Naum» , - PN). Senkevich has noted that he had no opportunity and time to check who will play in a benefit football match

- Recently have invited in me in a team of officials on the football match connected to raise funds and to direct to treatment of the girl in whom have found a cancer disease. To be engaged in check who plays there who participates who is invited. I have been surprised, frankly speaking, when I have come there and have seen the same Dmitry Talpu who here before the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies got out on a table. And I was told that this here the person–known «Naum». We were never familiar with him before, I saw him ever. We have shaken hands each other before game as actually and all. I had even no time to communicate to it. Frankly speaking, I didn't run long ago, and the otdyshka to me didn't allow to communicate with someone in breaks between matches, - Senkevich has declared. 

We will remind how earlier judged  «authority» Naum who in court has declared, the p that he is apolitical. In 2013 Leninsky Court of Nikolaev I have pronounced a sentence in the matter of Igor Naumenko, who was accused of a crime according to p.1 Art. 263 of the Criminal code of Ukraine—storage of firearms and fighting supplies without the permission provided by the law. And later Igor Naumenko's appeals have released from prison directly in the courtroom.

It is known that at session of regional council scandal when has burst on June 10 the deputy from «BPP» Barn has reported before «Animated cartoon» for vote on career for «Oppositional block» As it has appeared, he has coordinated the personal vote with him and vote of all fraction «BPP» for providing mountain withdrawal of Ltd company «Southern pit» for mining of sand «Voznesenskoye–1». In parallel with it Fiodor Barn corresponded with the head of the Nikolaev regional council Victoria Moskalenko who has written Barn that that has written «at onceTo animated cartoon».

We will note that в.и.о.the chief of Head department of National police in the Nikolaev area Vitaly Goncharov in December, 2015 I called the person by the name of Titov the Nikolaev criminal leader, «which today in the world call «Animated cartoon». In turn the first deputy prosecutor of the Nikolaev area called Mikhail Titov «ordinary person». 

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