At the Nikolaev area the autumn - field affairs go almost well. Though some areas don't implement the plan

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Agricultural producers need to sow 950 thousand hectares of the winter grain on the crop's eve of 2010. Elena Piskun reported to the acting chief of head department of agro-industrial development about it at meeting in the regional state administration.

Works on soil preparation are now conducted, засыпке seeds and to accumulation is material - technical resources.

As reports a press - regional state administration service, it is already cleared and prepared under crops of 795 700 hectares of the areas that makes 83% of the put plan.

Besides, there are available 412 200 hectares of the reserve areas (eddish). Repeated cultivation of soil as the main, and the reserve areas and cultivation of the areas which are freed (millet, buckwheat, corn on a silo and other) is now conducted. Since the beginning of August 79 800 hectares are cleared and 78 800 hectares are prepared.

Along with it work on засыпке and check of seeds of winter crops is conducted. At requirement of 150 700 tons 144 700 tons that makes 96% of the necessary are filled up.

As a whole on area, 70% of seeds are checked. Low rates carry out this work in Nikolaevsk (39%) and Novobugsk (49%) areas.

Work on accumulation of protravitel is almost complete. At need of 65 tons for area 64,2 tons that makes 99% are saved up. Didn't finish this work in Voznesensky (86%), Domanevsk (95%) and Krivooozersk (96%) areas.

Agricultural producers of area accumulate mineral fertilizers under crops of the winter. Taking into account the remains, for today there are available 39 600 tons of mineral fertilizers that makes 69% of necessary quantity. Less than 50% of requirement are saved up in Elanetsky, Veselinovsky and Voznesensky areas.

For carrying out a complex the oseena - field works to agricultural producers of area needs 26 500 tons of diesel fuel, according to the operational reporting 18 200 tons that makes 69% are. Low security with diesel fuel in Elanetsky (45%) and Ochakov (45%) areas.

Work on collecting late the krupyanykh of cultures comes to the end. Collecting corn on grain and sunflower is begun.At present agricultural producers of area collected sunflower on the area of 24 600 hectares that makes 6% of the forecast, thus productivity makes 12,3 c/hectare.

As of September 7 according to earth lease contracts 180 900 000 UAH (80%), are paid to owners of the land plots (shares) for property - 604 700 UAH (98,3%).

The smallest percent of payment of a rent for the earth in Novobugskom (42%), Voznesensky (65%), Ochakov (74%) areas.

Didn't finish calculations for property rent in Arbuzinskom (calculations are carried out for 45%), Bratsk (96%), Krivoozersk (97%) areas.


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