It is southern - the Ukrainian nuclear scientists adopted the European experience at Belgians at a seminar

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Specialists of 30 divisions It is southern - the Ukrainian nuclear power plant participated in a seminar "Management of safety through improvement of a control system by quality". Action was organized within the program of the international help of the European Union of INSC.

Main goal of a seminar - improvement of a control system by quality in OP YuU nuclear power plant by means of consideration of the best European practices on the example of the Belgian nuclear power plant "Tianzh".

To get acquainted with the advanced tendencies in the field of quality it is southern - the Ukrainian experts were helped by experts of the Traktebel company - the consultant of European Commission for implementation of the program of the help of the European Community on YuU nuclear power plant platform.

The scope of a seminar was defined during preliminary visit of the Ukrainian experts to Belgium - on the nuclear power plant "Tianzh" and in the Elektrobel company, - this year which have taken place in April. Along with representatives It is southern - the Ukrainian station, experts of GKYaRU and Energoatom company management participated in selection of the hottest topics for a seminar.

Thus, during a seminar on YuU nuclear power plant the control system of safety of the Elektrobel company and the organization of ensuring quality on Tianzh nuclear power plant were presented. The special emphasis was placed on process of internal audit. Besides, experts of YuU nuclear power plant studied the program of training for culture of safety for the station personnel, and also the contract organizations attracted for work on the nuclear power plant.

Thanks to the international help, it is southern - the latest approaches to quality management on nuclear power plants were presented to the Ukrainian energy drinks. Participants of a seminar intend to introduce the gained knowledge in the further work.

The international project "Management of Safety through Improvement of a Control System by Quality" is calculated on 2 years. Next year in its framework for the South Ukrainian experts 2 more seminars will be organized, reports work Department with the public and YuU nuclear power plant mass media.


Belgium - one of the European states with highly developed nuclear power by means of peace atom in the country is made from 55 to 58% of all developed electric power. On this indicator Belgium takes 3-е a place in Europe after France and Lithuania. 2 nuclear power plants are a part of the Elektrobel company - "Traktebel" and "Figs" the total of nuclear reactors on which reaches 7 units.

The program of the international help of INSC started in 2007. She is a right successor of the program of technical support of the European Union to the countries of the CIS тасis, by insc which have officially come to the end in 2006 is concentrated, generally on projects of "the soft help", i.e. on transfer of experience, knowledge, technologies and methodologies. Assistance to increase of culture of safety, and also the general safety of nuclear power plants was the main criteria at selection of projects. That initiatives are directed on the solution of the general questions for all nuclear power plants of Ukraine is important also. In other words: after realization on the pilot nuclear power plant, the majority of drafts of the insc program will be able to be introduced on all domestic nuclear power plants.


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