Ukraine alerts army, alarmed the Nikolaev landings

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According to the plan of preparation of Armed forces of Ukraine for 2009-2010 in parts and connections of VS of Ukraine which are deployed in different regions of our state, active actions for combat training last, sudden checks of military units are carried out, reports the Ministry of Defence.

Under the leadership of the commander of Land forces of VS of Ukraine the general - the colonel Ivan Svida pass the general it is command - staff doctrines 6-го the army case of Land forces of VS of Ukraine and Air command "South" of Air Forces of VS of Ukraine. To doctrines are also attracted the Dnepropetrovsk zone department of Military service of a law and order in Armed forces of Ukraine and military commissariats of Dnepropetrovshchina.

It is command - staff doctrines passes in two stages. At the first stage questions of operational planning of application 6-го the army case in operation of operational group of armies were fulfilled. During the second stage which will pass on mobile bases of points of management of group, control of connections and parts 6-го the army case will be exercised during expeditious expansion and conducting operation.

For today, on September 18, within doctrines the re-deployment of subsections 25-й separate Dnepropetrovsk vozdushno - landing crew 6-го the army case on the Old Crimean range where the staff and equipment will take part in battallion tactical maneuvers with fighting firing comes to the end. As a whole, over 480 servicemen and 78 units of armor and automotive vehicles are involved in doctrines.

In Nikolaev in point of a constant dislocation 79-I was alarmed separate airmobile crew of Command of Land forces of VS of Ukraine.

Within actions of a raising for alarm soldiers - aeromobilist developed and prepared management points for work, specified documents of the plan of an otmobilizovyvaniye and crew reduction in combat readiness, documents of points of reception of mobilization resources and translated command points which are involved in fighting watch, in readiness No. 1.To completing military commissariats the specified applications for a covering of the current and temporary shortage were submitted.

Today, on September 18, soldiers 79-й separate Nikolaev airmobile crew carry out one of basic elements of the combat training - parachute jumps from Mi's helicopters-8.


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