Today in Nikolayevshchina the 333 - the anniversary notes the city of Pervomaisk

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Today, on September 19, 333-ю anniversary of the creation is celebrated by the city of Pervomaisk of the Nikolaev area. Specially to the City Day of the power carried out reconstruction of city stadium and it is sports - the game complex "Present Pleasure to Children", and also equipped a new reader's hall in the central city library.

On the occasion of City Day celebration in Pervomaisk pass numerous exhibitions:

- exhibition - sale of goods of local producers,

- exhibition of works of national masters,

- exhibition graphic and it is decorative - applied art, embroideries, weaving,

- exhibition - competition of pets, flower compositions, etc.

All day today in Pervomaisk there take place various competitions for children and adults, concerts of creative collectives and competition in checkers, chess and tennis. Also charitable sports run will take place.

In the evening citizens will be addressed by national collectives and visitors actors. Solemn fireworks and disco will finish the holiday program.


Pervomaisk- city of regional submission, regional center. It is located on North - the East of the Nikolaev area, in 180 km from Nikolaev - places where Sinyukh's river flows into the Southern Bug. The space occupied by the city, makes 20 the city Population - 82 thousand people.

The territory of the city and its vicinity were populated long since. The remains of settlements of the Neolithic era found near Pervomaisk and bronze testify to it (the VI-II centuries BC), and also the Scythian settlement (IV-of the III centuries BC), a burial ground of Cimmerian time (X - the V centuries to N э), and Chernyakhovsk culture (the II-IV centuries AD).

Pervomaisk has truly unique history. Its originality that the city is formed of three settlements belonging to three various states - Zaporozhye Sechi (I was a part of imperial Russia), Turkey and Poland. Only at the end of the XVIII century all these lands became the territory of Russia.


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