Deception from producers: Aktiviya yogurt - not useful

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In two last decades producers of food earned on sales of "functional food" which promote your improvement much. Now regulators in Europe ask producers to provide the scientific data confirming such declared properties. Tells Mireya the Demon (Mireia Bes).

Emergence of so-called functional food - the foodstuff modified for the purpose of strengthening of health one way or another - for the last 20 years worked wonders for balance sheets of food companies. The first example - pro-biotic dairy products. Sales volume of such products which have begun in 1990-x with enriched bacteria liquidYakult's (Yakult)yogurt, made by the Japanese company with the same name, I increased. Along with it the sales volume of products of other producers -increasedAktiviya's (Activia)pro-biotic product, made by the French group of producers of foodDanon.

Starting production of such products, the companies expected tendencies of consumer demand.Sue Deyvis (Sue Davies), chief adviser of the non-profit consumer organization "That? " ("Which? "), based in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, speaks: "People snatched on the food promising advantages to health, becausenatural aspiration is to resort to means for fast permission of difficulties instead of reducing consumption of saturated fats, sugar or salt and there is more fruit and vegetables".

WHO/Mireia Bes. Numerous advertizing of food praise highly the value of food additives. We will be transferred presently. Today you won't pass any row in a supermarket of any developed country, without having seen the advertizing which are praising highly advantages of additives, such as an omega - 3/DGK, lycopene or antioxidants. Even the sparkling drinks sated with sugar declare the "electrolytic value" and call itself by "sports drinks".But unless addition of vitamins B sweet water does it more healthy? And addition of additional bacteria in yogurt?

In 2004.the monthly "Byulleten O Lekarstvennykh I Terapevticheskikh Sredstvakh" ("Drug and Therapeutics Bulletin"), having asked the same question, I came to a conclusion thatactual data that a probiotics improves intestinal flora, "обрывочны", and statements of wider character that such products promote strengthening of health of consumers and help them to struggle with an allergy, aren't credible". According to authors of the magazine,Aktiviya's consumption in large numbers doesn't make any considerable impact on the healthy person, but also has no harmful consequences. But it, certainly, doesn't mean that other products with the declared improving properties can't have harmful consequences.
"From addition of vitamins B of sweet they don't become useful to health", - speaks д - р Francesco Branc (Francesco Branca), the director of the department of WHO of food and healthy development, and adds that if addition of vitamins promotes overconsumption of sweets, it can be considered harmful.

Question of, whether such products are the reason of the wrong choice of people, is cornerstone of standard position of the European Union No. 1924/2006 about food and the declared properties concerning health which began to be applied in July, 2007 and just now starts bearing fruits. Davis speaks: "Till 2007 within EU providing that the declared properties concerning health really promoted a right choice was insufficiently controlled, instead of undermined separate advice concerning the healthy nutrition, given by independent nutritionists and government bodies". Laws have to provide a reinforcement of advertized properties useful to health with scientific data.

The body making the decision concerning, whether really such declared properties are supported with reliable data, the European body on safety of food (EFSA) which provides scientific recommendations of the European commission is. In July, 2008. The commission asked EFSA to prepare the scientific conclusion about such properties resolved in the European Union, and provided the EFSA draft of the list containing 4185 receipts, selected of 44 000 names provided by member states.

Today EFSA requested specifications in the relation more than half of the declared properties included in the draft of the list, and, according to Brank, the body "sinks in papers".Partly the problem consists in the unclear content of receipts which he tries to estimate. Branka speaks: "In certain cases there is only incomplete information because potential consequences of influence were received in experimental conditions. But after all the dose can change, and the structure can change, and circumstances of consumption can change. It will be difficult to estimate all difficult interactions in real situations of food". On the basis of new standard situation in July of EFSA submitted the conclusion about the first party of advertized properties, according to Article 13, and by September of this year it will prepare the conclusions concerning 1024 more such properties. Meanwhile the deadline for providing all conclusions, established for January 31, 2010 approaches.


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