To the Small Hall of the Nikolaev Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies there arrived circus!

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Clowns, clowns, squabblers and - heroes of circus were embodied other images today in many people who gathered for "meeting of coordination council on carrying out collecting public organizations of Nikolaev concerning creation of public advisory council". So-called, as that it was actually, representatives of public organizations which in principle have to be the main characters didn't understand even. And organizers on behalf of whom g - N Kiselyov tried in to shout in present the meeting purpose, couldn't explain that it was.

All began that the ex-the chief of land managementNikolay Shkarbat, which, apparently, already retired, in a civilized way and correctly told that the resolution of Cabinet of Ministers of August 5, 2009 No. 844 which has to simplify and reduce the price of procedure of privatization of the earth by ordinary citizens, isn't carried out. Chairman of meetingSergey Kiselyovfirst too more - I said that they (who it is concrete - the first half of meeting it wasn't clear) are going to defend the rights of "disadvantaged", тобиш pensioners, veterans, disabled people on earth privatization less correctly.

From this point representation began.

The gathered public men began to ask questions, what it for meeting and in what its essence?

From answers of organizers learned that the working group (on any basis) is already created and now have to create coordination council (

too on any basis).

When the head of the Nikolaev city fund "Laska" Lyudmila Rudenko - Kardash couldn't "beat out" at - on Kiselyov the meeting purpose, very active inhabitant of Nikolaev and the representative stepped on "stage" this time "Schools of public control" Antonina Galkina.

- That here occurs, is a profanation! - she told. - People can't understand, what it for advisory council, who experts? What is going on? Who created the working group? On whose initiative?

- Sound at least structure of the working group, - the director of Laska fund demanded.

- And you, Anna Hermann and Inna Bogoslovskaya, sit to itself, - I addressed toTo Lyudmila Rudenko - Kardash Sergey Kiselyov.

- I apologize, but behave correctly! - I shoutedTo Kiselyov of Galkin.

Chairman of the board of national societies of the Nikolaev areaMurat Kaymarazov, which makes impression of the reasonable person, in some calling tried to explainTo Antonina Galkinaand all present what exactly here occurs and what at it everything the purpose. But, probably, since - zhyGalkinathey speak different languages. ThereforeKaymarazovtoo I didn't understand that she answered it.

- I don't understand you ten years!- it broke. - All of you time create a distemper. Instead of helping, you cut ideas on a root.

We won't tell that specifically I told g - NKiselyovin the addressAntonina Galkina, but it offended her, and it left a hall. Then, however, I returned. Two times.

- All of us spread out: flies - separately, cutlets - separately. And you got used that anybody understood nothing! - Kiselyov shouted.

On the next attemptsLyudmila Rudenko - Kardashto learn, why it here came,Kiselyovseveral times I told it:"You, Hannah Hermann …"

- You want to get grants only! - he behaved violently.

- We now at a stage of collecting public organizations, - the chairman of committee of self-organization of the residential district the Dry fountaintried to shed lightGennady Topalov.

- It is necessary to create council on the basis of something. Still there is no provision on council how you can create something now? - quietly the woman, the representative of one of public organizations asked.

- It isn't pleasant - leave! I yet didn't see such dullness!- the man who, apparently, is the member of the working group which origin remained unclear shouted it.

The woman got up and left. UnlikeGalkina, I didn't come back.

- We have to learn each other to hear, - tried to awaken in gathered the human beginningKaymarazov. Without results.

When public men for the tenth time told that before gathering, would be quite good to study the provision on coordination council to have opportunity to discuss it,Kiselyovliterally I began to yell:

- You that, deafs? I already the tenth time say that situation will be on a City Council site next week. Hannah Hermann, sit down already!

HardlyKiselyovaforced to list the directions in which council is going to work.Hardly he listed, however, not names of the directions, and an approximate field of activity.

- The first direction is pensioners, disabled people, veterans, - spokeKiselyov. - The second - nationalities, culture, sports, children, charity foundations. The third - human rights. Following - energy saving. Further - OSN (probably, OSMD - a bus meant).Also there is Kurchenko - green, - the hall started laughing. - There included dogs, - the hall "laid down".- The following group - Yemelyanov, by the way, being нардеп. So at us everything is serious. Then - labor unions.

- You have even no names of the working groups, - told come backAntonina Galkina. - You can't accurately formulate who than will be engaged.

- I didn't cave in under anybody, unlike Isakov and Sadykov, - Kiselyov, however, unclear, in what occasion shouted.

Generally, in summary it is possible to tell only that the following meeting has to take place on October 1 at 15.00.

To any other distinct conclusion meeting didn't come.


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