The Nikolaev City Council will address to the Cabinet of Ministers and to Association of the cities for a solution on the Lviv solid waste landfill

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On Friday, September 16, deputies of the Nikolaev city council have gathered for an extraordinary session to discuss legal, ecological and social consequences of the order of the mayor Alexander Senkevich about burial in the territory of the city ground of garbage from Lviv.

As the correspondent reports «Crime. Is NOT PRESENT» from the sessional hall, on hands at deputies the draft decision which assumes cancellation of the scandalous order of the mayor, and also the ban of import to the territory of the Nikolaev solid waste landfill of garbage, which «it is made» outside the city. 

Except deputies, the representatives of public organizations, volunteers with the Ukrainian symbolics supporting Senkevich in the circumstances gather. At some of them in hands posters with inscriptions: «Sasha, we is with you!» , «Nikolaev supports Senkevich» , «Dirty Ukraine–general trouble».

- We consider that the problem, from - behind which is called a session, is decided. People who have made nothing for the city try to inflate scandal, to compromise with him the mayor and to remove him. We voted for him and we won't allow to make it, - attendees note.

Chronology from below up:

14:50According to the proposal of the deputy of fraction «Oppositional block»  Igor Dyatlov, according to the order of the mayor Alexander Senkevich, the office of council has prepared the appeal of the Nikolaev City Council for the Verkhovna Rada with the offer to make changes to the law of Ukraine  «About National police»  to create traffic police.

14:45 Deputies of the Nikolaev city council have dismissed structure of executive committee City Council.

14:20After two-hour discussion, deputies have by a majority vote decided to take into consideration information on cancellation of the order by the mayor.Besides the office of city council will prepare the appeal to the Cabinet and for Association of the cities of Ukraine that those have developed the plan for a solution on the Lviv solid waste landfill.

12:25 After renewal of discussion of Woodpeckers has read several offers:

- Considering that us already the second time is mined, I want to address you, we shouldn't pretend that nothing occurs, it is an abnormal situation of work of a session when on any question it is broken. I hope that you are solidary with opinion of deputy corps that it is not work! I offer that you have given a legal assignment to the department which at you is engaged including in the program «Safe city» , that they have developed the list of actions on such case. At least, that we had spare buildings or halls where we could hold sessions. It is time. The second–this that in the run-up to the session events for different prevention of acts of terrorism were surely held.

At the same time having also added concerning installation of metal detectors.

Senkevich has given an assignment to the deputy Yury Stepantsu to draft the provision according to Dyatlov's proposal.

- Has addressed the SSU with recommendations us to establish a turnstile before an entrance to the City Council.

12:20 Check hasn't revealed the explosive device in the city hall building, the message was false. Deputies have continued a meeting, in the hall 44 deputies. 

11:00The deputy Yury Granaturov has declared the arrived message on mining of the building of the city hall.

- On e-mail of GSChS the anonymous message on mining has again arrived. Now here already cars of GSChS are. I have a request or even the offer to arrive by the principle as colleagues from the Lviv regional council because it already turns into the farce have arrived, to vote that we undertake responsibility for the life and to continue work of a session.

The mayor Senkevich has suggested to announce a break for half an hour that during this time services have checked the sessional hall. Many of deputies have made the decision to remain in the hall. 

It is known that previous extraordinary sessions I have broken from - for similar the anonymous message. 


10:20 Head of fraction «Petro Poroshenko Bloc» Vladimir Krylenko has asked that from now on similar decisions were made together with deputies.

- Believe, we will always lend you a shoulder, we will always support you if it concerns development of the city. It isn't necessary to be afraid of us, - he has told.

Head of fraction «Oppositional block» Igor Dyatlov has suggested to bring a question of tragic accident in the agenda. 

- I consider that we have to expand the agenda and the first question to listen to your information. All of you - were on the place of road accident that there has occurred whether those who have made it are is valid caught. And an important question as we can help families of the dead, - he has noted. 

10:10The session has begun with a moment of silence in connection with death on September 15 in road accident of four staff of the municipal enterprise «KSMEP» , putting a road marking.

After Senkevich has made the statement:

- Yesterday in the morning, understanding a public response, and also misunderstanding by deputies of a situation, I have cancelled the preliminary decision. I consider that today we have to accept together with you as with the public representatives, the new decision and, leaving from this, we will understand whether Nikolaev is ready to giving a helping hand to other regions of Ukraine.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that on September 10, on the City Day the mayor of Nikolaev Alexander Senkevich I have signed the order, according to which on the landfill near Nikolaev will bring household waste from Lviv. The mayor called it a temporary measure. On September 12 on the Nikolaev ground already have begun to accept the Lviv garbage

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