Deputies of the Nikolaev City Council have dismissed executive committee

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Deputies of the Nikolaev city council have dismissed structure of executive committee of the City Council.

The relevant decision has been made by a majority vote during the extraordinary session of the Nikolaev city council on Friday, September 16.

The offer to consider the matter has been introduced in the agenda of a session by the deputy of the City Council, the head of fraction «Self-help» Sergey Isakov «by ear».

When the mayor Senkevich has read the draft decision on dissolution of executive committee, the head of fraction «has addressed himPPB «Solidarity» in the City Council Vladimir Krylenko with a question concerning the relation personally the mayor to this draft decision as the position of fraction also will depend on it during the vote.

- This decision suits you as the mayor? The decision of our fraction depends on it during the vote, - Krylenko has noted. 

In response to it Alexander Senkevich called this draft decision «no more than emotional» and not at the right time.

- This decision is not fractional, but independent the deputy Isakov. Therefore I consider him not at the right time because in the nearest future, namely next week the head of department of economy Olefir has to submit the project of new structure with all operating practices, with all duties which will be assigned to all structural divisions, up to each person. And after that it will be already possible to say that there will be a new structure including deputies, it will be possible to offer deputies in the sessional hall, and, therefore, together with it to consider executive committee in a complex. Because deputies will also be included into executive committee. If today Sergey Mikhaylovich (Isakov, - PN) initiated dissolution of executive committee as we on Monday will allocate money for burial of the workers who have tragicly died yesterday and the help to their families. Therefore my position that this decision at the right time, in the nearest future it it will be necessary to accept and I completely agree that deputies haven't completely exercised the right, and it will already be just necessary to accept new executive committee and to work structurally for the city benefit, - Senkevich has answered.

After that the floor was taken by Sergey Isakov who has urged Senkevich not to mislead deputies.

- The matter is that the decision doesn't come into force from the moment of its acceptance. You still it is necessary to sign it, can be to reject, veto, publish. Besides, before election of new executive committee this will act. Just adoption of such decision will accelerate your actions which are absent 10 months, - Isakov has answered.

As a result the draft decision has been brought up for vote with the changes made by the deputy Yury Granaturov of rather separate formulations– «For» 32 deputies have voted that is the majority. 

We will remind that earlier it was reported that according to the deputy Yakovlev, today the Nikolaev Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies consists of members, many of which don't hold any more positions which have allowed them to become members of this executive body and question about legitimacy  decisions of executive committee lawyers need to set and law enforcement agencies. 

As earlier it was reported, still on November 24, 2015, after the first solemn session of new convocation of city council the mayor of Nikolaev Alexander Senkevich has held a meeting with heads of all four fractions with whom it was agreed with deputies Dyatlov, Isakov, Krisenko and Krylenko to create the working group on creation of the project of new structure of executive committee of the City Council, as as the newly elected mayor has told, he is going to change this structure because, in his opinion, she isn't absolutely effective.

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