"Ambrosias fight! " - the Nikolaev officials remembered in the fall that they need to fight against weeds

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OnTo Nikolayevshchinatall weeds in large quantities grows not only on fields, but also in settlements: on building sites, waste grounds, suburbs of roads, in the yards and near the yards. Their seeds are easily transferred and can cause various diseases in people - from chemical burns to an allergy. Therefore the regional state administration addressed to public authorities of all levels with an appeal constantly to control a condition of the territories subordinated to them and not to allow emergence "the sornyakovykh of plantations". It was also offered to enter into practice the regular reporting of local authorities about a phytosanitary condition of their territories before instances to which they are directly subordinated.

For fight against weeds it was also decided to attract "heavy artillery" - available in regions scientifically - research establishments of the Ukrainian academy of agrarian sciences, educational institutions of an agrarian profile, management of agro-industrial development of the district state administrations. The specified establishments will have to provide is advisory - the methodical help with questions of carrying out protective measures from weeds. The offer on was in addition put forward entering in areas annual practice of carrying out months on targeting of orders and improvements in settlements and in nearby territories. For the purpose of encouragement carrying out competitions on the best estate, the best street, the best settlement, the best area is possible, winners, certainly, will receive material encouragement.

But the program for fight against weeds not only on sheer enthusiasm, type will be under construction, "I want I do, I want I don't do". For untimely and low-quality performance of actions for fight against weeds in the subordinated territories it was offered to issue obligatory orders for performance, and in case of their non-performance - administrative penalties (the station KUOAP "Damage of agricultural and other lands, pollution by their chemical and radioactive materials, oil and oil products, crude stokovy waters, production and other waste, and as not carrying out actions for fight against weeds and Art. 105 КУоАП "Violation требова


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