The USA and Russia threatened safety of Ukraine?

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Refusal of the USA of missile defense stationary base expansion in Eastern Europe bears certain calls of the Ukrainian safety.

About it the editor-in-chief of Defense Express Sergey Zgurets in the article published in "Mirror of week" writes.

According to the expert, the latest events have to push Ukraine to strengthening of own antiaircraft potential.

"The situation in Europe, is caused by the next turn in an antimissile and antiaircraft plot, for Ukraine bears a number of calls for safety", - the expert states.

"The buffer zone of the Ukrainian territory - almost the only thing that completely will suit Russia, on the one hand, and the countries of NATO and the USA - from another", - he considers.

In his opinion, in case of transformation of Ukraine to a buffer zone, the country should count only on own defensive potential.

"In this case actually the country is compelled on - new to look at the defensive priorities and defensive opportunities. Recognizing that further, at least in medium-term prospect, Ukraine can count only on own military potential. With all pluses and minuses of such status", - Zgurets considers.

In a similar context, according to the expert, the decision to strengthen antiaircraft defense of the country is absolutely justified.

"The military leadership of Ukraine made the decision to strengthen antiaircraft defense of the country. It is a question about expansion of two new position regions of surface-to-air missile missile systems C - 200B ("Vega") in addition to four already existing. ZRK of distant action. With - 200B completely can be considered as the weapon of strategic control of the opponent", - Zgurets stated.


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