In Nikolayevshchina 70 - the summer grandfather a hammer and a shovel hurt the head to the son-in-law - the brawler

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Still in the late nineties Nikolay Ivanovich with the wife lived in Nikolaev, had decent work and brought up the daughter Elena. Life in prosperity and a consent didn't predict changes. Elena grew up and started meeting Sergey which character, to put it mildly, it was impossible to call mild.

Attempts of parents to dissuade the daughter from such unbalanced man were vain. Elena was in love and didn't take into account opinion of parents. Subsequently the young got married, tells the Art. the inspector of TsOS Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area Vladislav Gnatenko.

Time passed, at Nikolay Ivanovich with the wife appeared внученька and parents with children lived some time in the world, but it lasted not for long. Vodka and the loose company started declining Sergey to itself. In two years after the birth of the child to it the family became indifferent and he started spending all main time with friends behind a vodka shot glass.

I didn't lag behind it and Elena. The child for young parents faded into the background and in its education were engaged already the grandfather with the woman. Old men couldn't affect behavior of children any more. Sergey with Elena daily got drunk then constantly quarreled and were again reconciled, and to it wasn't neither the end, nor edge.

Reproaches of the father were perceived by Elena with misunderstanding and often with curses. The girl always sided with the husband, and that, in turn, poured out the anger on the old. Over time quarrels in a family became frequent and already "hot hand" Sergey started coming both the daughter, and the grandfather with the grandma.

Subsequently Nikolay Ivanovich became a widower. The last 10 years it suffered tricks of the son-in-law and once even caused militia. Guards stopped family quarrel, but the act of the father-in-law provoked Sergey to revenge, after all till this time all disorders were solved in the bosom of the family.

Since then the embittered Sergey started threatening constantly to the father-in-law with punishment, and was repeatedly torn in a fight. One night the aspiration of the brawler on dismantlings with the father-in-law became the last in life 35 - summer Sergey.At always quiet and balanced Nikolay Ivanovich the patience and he this time burst, having grabbed a hammer, started beating on the head of the son-in-law.

With the injured head Sergey fell as knocked down, without giving any signs of life. Having knocked more than ten times of the offender on the head, the grandfather on it didn't stop. It wasn't stopped at all by shouts of Elena who tried to push away the father from the blood-stained body of the husband. Having thrown a hammer, Nikolay Ivanovich grabbed with a row a lying shovel and several times knocked it on the blood-stained head of the "dear" son-in-law then sat down in the yard waiting for a police squad.

Guards who arrived to a scene on Elena's call, saw a horrific image - in the middle of the yard the blood-stained corpse of the man near which the quiet and unperturbable grandfather sat lay. Over the lost Sergey's body Elena sobbed, accusing the father of all sins. It is possible that Nikolay Ivanovich will spend the rest of the life in imprisonment places. It is necessary to guess only, what education will receive it now 13 - summer внученька.


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