The next week in Nikolaev will be rainy

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According to the Nikolaev hydrometeorological center, the next week is expected rainy. On Wednesday, July 2, places slight intermittent rain, thunder-storm. Wind North - the western, 5-10 m/s. Night time temperature is expected within 14 - 19 degrees of heat, in the afternoon air will get warm to 26-31 degrees above zero.

On July 3 partly cloudy, at night and in the afternoon places small intermittent rain. In the afternoon the thunder-storm is possible. Wind North - the western, 5-10 m/s. At night air temperature will be 11-16 degrees of heat, in the afternoon - is up to 25-30 degrees higher than a zero mark.

On July 4 without any precipitations. Hugo's wind - the western, 5-10 m/s, places rushes to 15-20 m/s. Night time temperature of air is expected 13-18 degrees of heat, in the afternoon - 27-32 degrees above zero.

On July 5-6 weather will be without significant precipitations. In the afternoon 5-го numbers and whole day 6-го July places small intermittent rain. Temperature at the night of 15-20 degrees is higher than a mark "zero", daytime temperature will be slightly higher 5-го than July: 25-30, 6-го July - 24-29 degrees of heat.

On July 7-8 without any precipitations. Wind southern and Hugo - the western, 7-12 m/s, in the afternoon 8-го numbers rushes to 15-20 m/s. Air temperature is expected 15-20 degrees of heat at night, in the afternoon the mercury column will rise to a mark 30-32 degrees with the sign "plus".


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