The Crimean speaker rejected conventions and began directly ботать with the Russian after the hair dryer

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"Politiko - the legal chatterbox will be responsible for a market... "

The chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of the Crimea Anatoly Gritsenko declared that in court intends to refute statements of the chief of General Directorate of Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Crimea Gennady Moskal about the communication with criminals as regards these statements as slander.

"I really prepare a number of claims for - well for the Russian. But any of them doesn't concern that criticism in my address which literally hourly flies from lips of the civilian and as it becomes clear, вольноопределяющегося whether the general, whether operating нардепа. And therefore to take offense at criticism of the person for whom policy - the legal balabolstvo became the main profession, I don't find possible for itself", - it is spoken in the statement of the speaker.

A. Gritsenko specified that his claims are directed against "slander and lies" G. Moskalya who claims about communication of the speaker with criminals. "Both no plenums and conventions forbid me to demand from the liar and the slanderer of proofs in court of so powerful charges. And as the Russian has no such proofs, I am sure that there will come sometime time, when parliamentary immunity which so костерит the Russian in public "markets", will thaw as a smoke as morning fog. So, "" it will be necessary to be responsible for a market", - A. Gritsenko declared.


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