On a place of burial of the head of Georgy Gongadze found remains of two more people

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On a place of burial of the head of Georgy Gongadze remains of two more human ph.

were found

About it writes "A mirror of week", referring to the sources.

Near Dovgalevskoye's village of the Rokitnyansky region of Kiev region on the Pukachy place of burial of the head specified by the general Gongadze also human bones belonging, according to the expert opinion, the person of years 50 and front part of a skull of the person of 30-40 years were found.

On a place of murder of Gongadze, near Sukholesa's village of the Belotserkovsky region of Kiev region where since August searches of fragments of clothes of Gongadze are carried out, remains of six people are found.

In particular, investigators found a female skeleton (40-50 years), the fragment of a human skeleton consisting of a jaw and bones of fingers of a hand, and also fragments of skeletons of four more people. One of them - a skull of the person of 20 years with obvious signs of violent death. On a skull there are the characteristic damages which have resulted blow by a stupid subject.

All remains, according to "ZN" source, are transferred to the Main bureau is judicial - medical examinations of Ministry of Health of Ukraine.


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