In the Nikolaev area fruit, other goods and services fell in price – rose in price

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Rise in prices is observed in all regions of Ukraine, reports Head department of statistics in the Nikolaev area which experts counted the consumer price index (CPI).

The consumer price index (it - an inflation index) expresses relative change of the average level of the prices of goods and services for a certain period.

IPTs across Ukraine in September made 100,5%. Increase of consumer prices was observed in all regions of Ukraine, from 0,4% in Luganshchina to 1,4% in the Lvov and Hmelnitsky areas. In the IPTs Nikolaev area I made 100,5%, since the beginning of year - 109,5%.

On area in September was the main cause of increase of consumer pricesrise in price of alcoholic beverages and the tobacco products, separate goods and services in education, transport, rest and culture, restaurant and hotel business, and also subjects of house consumption and household appliances.

Since the beginning of year of IPTs across Ukraine made 109,1% on the Nikolaev area - 109,5%. On regions of the Black Sea economic region it represented: in Hersonshchina - 109,9%, in Sevastopol - 111,1%, in Odessa region - 111,2%, in ARE the Crimea - 112,5%.

In September in the consumer market of the Nikolaev areafood and soft drinks fell in pricefor 0,2%, including pricevegetablesI decreased by 4,9%,fruit- for 3,9%, among themwater-melonsandmelons- for 23,1%,apples- for 18%.


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