In the Nikolaev area the virus of flu H1N1 didn't affect a livestock of pigs

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Conversations on swine flu didn't affect a livestock of pigs in the Nikolaev area. As well fear of bird flu didn't affect quantity of a bird. And here the livestock of cows in Nikolayevshchina why - that promptly decreases.

According to Head department of statistics in the Nikolaev area, in February of this year 151 thousand heads of a big cattle were. By October this number increased to 162 and a half thousands.

And here cows who treat a big cattle, becomes less. If in their February was to 96 thousand, as of October 1 - already 92 and a half one thousand. If to look at quantity of a livestock of cows for every month, the figure will steadily decrease.

And here on pigs the world hysteria connected with a virus of flu H1N1, didn't affect in any way. Since the beginning of year the stable issue of these animals is observed: in February - more than 114 thousands of heads, in October - more than 152 thousands.

The quantity of a bird too grows. Though it isn't absolutely stable. For example, in comparison with February when in area was 3 million 561 thousand 800 poultry, already in a month, in March, them was less - 3 million 280 thousand 500. Then the increase in their quantity, and after June when birds was 4 million 126 thousand 100 is observed, in July this figure decreased to 4 million 51 thousand. Then till August the quantity of birds increased to 4 million 493 thousand 800, and again recession - in October in the Nikolaev area is already 4 million 136 thousand 500. As a whole, if not to consider some insignificant differences, the quantity of a bird in area increases.


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