Level of distribution of tuberculosis in the city of Nikolaev comes back by post-war boundaries

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Level of distribution of tuberculosis in the city of Nikolaev comes back by post-war boundaries

Nikolayevshchina was included into group of three areas, where an incidence of tuberculosis the highest. The epidemiological situation in the regional center is especially disturbing. Though in the country the National program of counteraction to a disease of the tuberculosis, valid the law also is accepted, there are similar programs at city and regional levels, and patients on - former there is a lot of. Last year with an open form of tuberculosis 156 nikolayevets, 348 bacilli carriers, 638 actively sick, more than one and a half tens with the diagnosis "disintegration of lungs" are revealed. About a situation which developed in the city of Nikolaev, about the reasons of growth of incidence of tuberculosis the correspondent of "The Nikolaev news" Lyudmila SAVKOVA talked to the chief physician of the Nikolaev city antitubercular clinic,city phthisiatrician Tatyana DYNNIK.

- Tatyana Dmitriyevna, now summer. Whether it influences as - that incidence growth? Where and how it is possible "to catch" tuberculosis?
- Tuberculosis is a nonseasonal disease, it doesn't depend on a season. The infection soars in air and is transferred from the patient to the healthy person vozdushno - a drop way. That it especially both is dangerous and isn't adjustable. And, it is possible to catch anywhere. In public transport, on production, on a beach, in cafe and simply being near the sick person. And it is absolutely optional that this person loudly coughed. Direct contact with the patient as at cough with droplets of a phlegm tubercular sticks are allocated is especially dangerous.
- The South of Ukraine - the Odessa, Kherson and Nikolaev areas - have very big incidence of tuberculosis. Really so everything is bad also chances to ache at us more, than in other region of the country?
- It isn't necessary to be frightened here. The main thing - you don't treat negligently the health. One should reveal an illness at early stages, and someone needs to strengthen hygienic precautionary measures simply. It is obligatory to do once a year survey in a X-ray - an office. Now in all policlinics of the city of Nikolaev all conditions are for this purpose created.Six stationary digital flyuorograf, including in a clinic work. Inspection procedure everywhere the free. In the city of Nikolaev the qualified experts and enough modern drugs to help patients. Problem in other - many nikolayevets don't want to be surveyed, treated, don't reflect that can infect others.
- Tatyana Dmitriyevna, whether the truth, what a tubercular stick is in an organism of each adult, and each of us isn't insured from this illness?
- Scientific development and researches proved that the adult after 30 years is already infected with tuberculosis. But causes a disease a tubercular stick only in that case when there is an activation of an internal microbe when easing the general and specific immunity. As a precautionary measure Manta can recommend specification of the schedule of inoculations from tuberculosis (BTsZh) and carrying out test for existence of immunity to this infection.
- Tatyana Dmitriyevna, whether expensively to be treated?
- Treatment free, at the expense of the state. Passed those times when the state "on fight against tuberculosis" didn't have enough money. The city of Nikolaev is completely provided with expensive medical preparations. At early stages of treatment about 600-700 hryvnias, a course of treatment - half a year are required. But many patients, here paradox, don't recover on own initiative. And the course of treatment of heavier forms is ten times more expensive, and it lasts 12-18 months. And, to cure already much more difficult...
- How to force the patient with tuberculosis to be treated if he flatly refuses to do it?
- It is necessary to ask. We go home, we persuade to receive medical treatment when still it is possible to correct a situation, to save someone's life. But, unfortunately, this person comes then to hospital, when already too late when a widespread form of tuberculosis and he is doomed. Actually comes to die to us. For my 16 years of work the phthisiatrician of such cases was much. Last year in the city of Nikolaev 220 new patients were revealed for the first time the patients with tuberculosis of 388 people, since the beginning of this year already. 179 people from them are patients with the diagnosis "tuberculosis of lungs". For half a year we revealed 78 HIV - the infected patients. These are people from 18 to 50 years. And all on the account in an antitubercular clinic 718 actively sick consist today. From them 358 - bacillar. 332 patients have a diagnosis "disintegration of lungs".Such terrible statistics is in most cases caused by an inattention of people to the health. And after all in most cases in six months of therapy of the patient tuberculosis it isn't dangerous to people around. But it will be in case at an early stage the infection was revealed, the patient honestly received medical treatment, fulfilled all requirements for observance of rules of hygiene.
- Problems of distribution of HIV - an infection and tuberculosis are how close now?
- The global problem is a combination of tuberculosis and HIV - an infection. 35 percent of patients with tuberculosis in the city of Nikolaev - HIV - infected. These are data for the last half a year. The Nikolaev area is high on the list in Ukraine on HIV distribution - an infection. Especially we reveal many patients in so-called "the unorganized contingent" are people who anywhere don't work, have a low standard of living.
- But after all on a hospital bed there are quite successful men from the normal public environment?
- Stressful situations influence immunity of the person, protective forces of an organism. The so-called syndrome of chronic fatigue about which now speak much, leads to serious diseases. With our rhythm of life, bad food, tension at work, problems in private life, lack of good rest we lose immunity and we subject ourselves to serious diseases, we increase probability of a disease of tuberculosis as the organism isn't able to struggle with an infection. Usually people who adhere to a work and rest mode, receive the high-calorie, vitaminized food, constantly strengthen the immunity, have no tuberculosis.
- Tatyana Dmitriyevna, about tuberculosis began to speak also as about a social illness. But who here doctors - doctors or society?
- The medicine in fight against tuberculosis achieved much. But after all only 5-10 percent of effect in fight against tuberculosis depend on medicine. Except medical preparations the social help and protection is necessary for patients. Worthy standard of living, balanced food. Now on incidence of tuberculosis we are at the level of post-war years when in the country there was a hunger and ruin. Though in 90-x years we, physicians, thought that finally won against this illness. Patients with tuberculosis in area there were units. Probably, time now came to change psychology of people. Patients sometimes don't think at all that sufferings can bring to other people.Such relation to own health leads to someone else's tragedies. Indifference frightens. And it is possible to win against tuberculosis only together, having solved first of all social problems of society.


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