In June nikolayevets read love stories, detectives and... grants on driving

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According to the rating provided by a network of Empik bookstores, in June the Nikolaev readers gave preference to love stories, detectives and … to grants on safe driving.

Apparently, Cecilia Ahern aimed to break a record according to best-sellers. First place in a rating of June is won by its new novel "Look at Me": it is a light love story without habitual lusciously - gentle floridities. Having managed to satisfy need of readers for a miracle, Cecilia won a victory over colleagues - writers.

Evgeny Grishkovets and his provocative novel "Asphalt" written, again - without delicacy, simple and clear language, takes the second place in a rating of June. Other its book - the collection of autobiographical stories "Traces on Me" - was approved on the ninth place.

On the third position - again Cecilia Ahern and her history about the love which has overcome death: novel "P.S. I love you" continues to get a response in the hearts of nikolayevets.

Continues to have success in readers both third and fourth "movie" - "A flying elephant" and "Children of the moon" - from Boris Akunin's novel "Death on брудершафт". This part of so-called "screen version" of events of the beginning of the last century occupies the fourth position in a rating of the most bought books.

Despite all statements that days of a glamour are considered, it continues to exist, attracting everything new and new followers. Confirmation to that are Oksana Robski's novels "About lyuboff/on", "Day of happiness - tomorrow" and "Casual 2. Dancing by the head and feet", occupying in rating fifth, seventh and fourteenth position respectively.

Surprisingly, but affected a rating and quantity dorozhno - the transport incidents, increasing every day. This situation promoted emergence in a grant rating "Bases of safe management of road vehicles" which takes the sixth position.

Councils of doctor Komarovsky are still popular: its books "Health of the Child and Common Sense of His Relatives" and "ORZ: The management for sane parents" are on the eighth and sixteenth place.

The collection "Martina and Other Stories about Love" written by the Polish writer Janusz Vishnevsky with the help the Internet - users, takes the tenth place in our rating.

On the eleventh the fantastic nonsense of the French writer Bernard Werber "A star butterfly" was approved; its collection "Father of Our Fathers" takes the eighteenth position.

The twelfth place is taken by the collection of several authors "Best detective stories". On the following position I took place one more narration about semi-real love - Frederik Beigbeder's novel "Ideal".

One more artificial love takes also the fifteenth place: here Sergey Minayev's novel "The of the Girl took place. The story about artificial love".

The "empire style", Victor Pelevin's new book - a view of the world - the vampire - is approved by eyes of the young man on the seventeenth place.

The nineteenth position is held by Darya Dontsova and it "A diet for three pigs". And on the last place of a rating Sergey Lukyanenko's "Clean copy" appears.

So, the rating of June looks as follows:

1. Cecilia Ahern. Look at me.
2. Evgeny Grishkovets. Asphalt.
3. Cecilia Ahern. P.S. I love you.
4. Boris Akunin. Death on брудершафт. Movie the third. Flying elephant. Movie the fourth. Children of the moon.
5. Oksana Robski. About lyuboff/on.
6. Bases of safe management of road vehicles.
7. Oksana Robski. Day of happiness - tomorrow.
8. Evgeny Komarovsky. Health of the child and common sense of his relatives.
9. Evgeny Grishkovets. Traces on me.
10. Janusz Vishnevsky. Martina and other stories about love.
11. Bernard Werber. Star butterfly.
12. The best detective stories.
13. Frederik Beigbeder. Ideal.
14. Oksana Robski. Casual 2. Dancing by the head and feet.
15. Sergey Minayev. The of the Girl. The story about artificial love.
16. Evgeny Komarovsky. ORZ: The management for sane parents.
17. Victor Pelevin. Empire style.
18. Bernard Werber. Father of our fathers.
19. Darya Dontsova. Diet for three pigs.
20. Sergey Lukyanenko. Clean copy.


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