The Nikolaev defenders of animals ask for help in preparation for a meeting of winter - don't remain indifferent!

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One of rehabilitation points of the Nikolaev city society of protection of animals.

Overcoming numerous difficulties, our wards animals found at last - that a wildlife corner.

And thanks to kind and sympathetic people, we gradually manage to arrange well a place of their dwelling.

Business goes by winter, and we very much would like to complete and warm rooms and animals boxes.

To us are for this purpose necessary not only any materials, but also the working hands, capable to help to complete and arrange well already available structures.

We were lucky: we have water, electricity and gas.

Some animals after treatment and rehabilitation, we already defined in reliable hands.

But there are still those who needs daily leaving, feeding, treatment.

And if leaving is provided by our volunteers (volunteer assistants), feeding and treatment costs considerable money.

We have no right to insist, but we very much ask all who though as - that is excited by a problem of animals, affected by ill treatment, to call us, to come to the rescue.

You can help us not only money, but also things:

- building materials (\at and new),

- ware (big capacities for cooking by an animal),

- rags (blankets),

- drugs and dressing,

- food (dry feed, oatmeal, millet, corn, meat products),

- gasoline (coupons),

- transport services for transportation of animals and materials.

We have animals whom former owners beat, didn't feed and simply turned out away.

Our animals pass overexposure after sterilization.

We constantly look for the people, ready to come to the rescue to these poor fellows, to become it another and "to adopt".

We are grateful to all who though as - that gives help to us and our wards.

We passed from words to business and very much we hope for support.

But, that once again, we could help someone, your help is so necessary for us at first! ! !

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