Poll: Education of corrupt officials in Ukraine begins at school

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Ukraine brings up corrupt officials from elementary school, the director of Institute Gorshenina Kost Bondarenko declared, making comments on results of survey conducted by this institute.

In particular, this Bondarenko declared today on a press - the Corruption conferences in an education system of Ukraine.

According to him, on a question "For what purpose you gave gifts or paid to teachers or school administration? ", over two thirds of respondents (69,0%) answered that is so got, 21,4% told that did it in order that treated the child kindly, 6,0% did it for receiving good marks, 2,2% - for good examination, 0,4% - not to be deducted.

On a question "As often it occurs? " nearly 70% of inhabitants of Kiev answered "from time to time", 24% confessed that there is it rather seldom, and 5,6% told that it happens to them often.

Making comments on the received results, Bondarenko noticed that respondents recognize existence of practice of corruption acts in educational institutions, but treat this practice without condemnation and without pronounced negative.

Thus, according to the expert, respondents don't consider themselves as accomplices of process of violation of the law.

"Only 10% of respondents consider a gift as a bribe. 69% of respondents don't realize a practical side of the actions: they bribe or give gifts because "is so got".

That is, for two thirds of respondents gifts to teachers became a such tax on education. In 92,4% of cases children that can't but be reflected in the attitude of school students towards teachers" know about gifts to teachers, - Bondarenko emphasized.

Gorshenin's institute presented results of the telephone survey conducted in Kiev from June 23 to June 27, 2008. Everything, according to casual selection, 1000 respondents aged from 18 years were interrogated. The age and floor were quotas in selection. The error of a representativeness of research doesn't exceed 3,2%.


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