Mongols crushed Teutons. In Nikolaev reconstructed historical fights,

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Svyatoslav's times, athletes of Kievan Rus', Mongols, Teutons - on Sunday October 25 all this again returned on our lands. Club of the historian - ethnographic reconstruction "Griffin" together with museum of local lore showed to nikolayevets as there lived people in those days. Action was developed in the yard of the Catholic temple on Dekabristov Street. The majestic building of a church and the building of museum of local lore built in similar it style incredibly supplemented the Middle Ages atmosphere.

In the beginning employee of the museumSergey Garkushain detail I described attires of soldiers and the only girl among them -Darya. He told thatDarya- the only Christian in it voyenno - field camp. Nevertheless soldiers - pagans. Sword which soldiers boss, contrary to established opinion, not heavy - it weighs no more than one and a half kilograms. And the belt was one of basic elements of clothes at that time. It appears, not to carry this attribute in those days was impropriety top. From here and expression "to ungirdle".

Among re-enactors there was also an artistNikita Polyakov. Despite cold, it came to public semi-undressed and, under commentsSergey Garkusha, I showed each thing from "clothes" of the Mongolian soldier, I showed how it is correctly necessary to put on. That to the soldier to be prepared for fight, namely to put on itself not only an armor, but also many other smaller attributes, somehow a round element for protection of a solar plexus, iron things for protection of feet and hands, a lot of time is necessary. Even today the most inveterate women of fashion spend for the toilet of time less. By the way, as it is dressedPoles, only prosperous people were able to afford to put on.

Fight reconstruction not necessarily has to end exactly as this fight was carried out actually many centuries back. Modern fighters reconstruct only a life of those people. And fight - absolutely real.And who will win it - solves a case.

- Here, in small fights, a lot of things depend on a case, - speaksNikita Polyakov, which in the first fight, being on the side of the Mongol - Tatars, with army I crushed tevnonets. - This time we were lucky, sometimes they beat us. In each fight there are unexpected things. Remember any fight of the Middle Ages. That Kalka that "kulikovka" that Gryunvaldsky battle, always overweight at other party - is simple a matter of luck. In Gryunvaldsky battle Tatars ran incidentally, but the main Lithuanian parts managed to approach. On Kalka we lost because the Kiev regiment suddenly remained, didn't advance to the attack.

All equipment, all clothes re-enactors are made, the hands.

- Only sometimes we order the weapon, some difficult details, - tellsNikita Polyakov. - In my dress practically I made everything. That to make it, hemp and several hammers is enough. Even a mask which at me on the head, - everything is made make-shifts - without hot forging, without horn, without anvil.

Favourite image of the artist - the soldier - the Mongol.

- I am engaged in reconstruction of an era of Vikings of Russians North - the Novgorod lands, - he speaks. - And I model all the dospeshny things at the Mongol. It too the most part of our history - three eyelids татаро - the Mongolian yoke as it call. Though actually Lev Nikolaevich Gumilev still wrote that not only the evil was inflicted on us by Tatars, but also a big push in progress. Therefore I wanted to model Mongolian division, the Mongolian soldier. I want to explain, show to people that it too part of our history.

After excursion during an era of knights the real battle began. Soldiers so were fond of a duel that not always noticed how "ring" falls, and they armed with swords and axes, very close approach to crowd. Observers delighted discussed each detail of fight who whom where hit, for what took out the prevention. Children after fight could be photographed with the real knight, and even to put on a knightly helmet the head, to take a sword in hand and to depict themselves - the soldier of an era Svyatoslav.

Video here

Having left to the audience with an axe, the soldier politely asked gapers to depart far away, on safe distance

Preparation for fight

So I looked voyenno - field camp



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