How to be saved from flu during epidemic - doctors

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During epidemic it is hard to be saved from a disease. It is good still if to be ill there is an opportunity, and what if isn't present? If for this period you planned responsible work?

According to the chief immunologist of Kiev Oleg Nazar: "When the virus already flies literally behind each corner, to be tempered, take root, start leading a healthy lifestyle for immunity increase already late". Certainly, for part of people which will have the luck not to meet a flu virus in general or if the meeting occurs closer to the end of estimated epidemic, it can play the positive role. But when you feel that here - here you get sick, to change a way of life late - won't help. Interval from the moment of hit of a virus of flu in an organism very short - literally day - two. In this case to stop a virus and not to allow to ache only special antiviral preparations - interferon inductors allow. They stop virus reproduction at an initial stage as soon as it got inside. Therefore inductors of interferon are most effective in the first day of a disease when the person feels that here - here gets sick. Taking medicine, the person won't fall ill or will have flu benign "." Very often the patient really has no opportunity at the first symptoms of flu to run to the doctor. - the family doctor Polina Zagorodnyaya speaks. - In this case it is better to come on the way to a drugstore and most to accept one of antiviral preparations. But such self-treatment has to be responsible: before reception it is necessary to read the summary. "


The drugs which active ingredients are амизон, arbidol, тилорон and remantadin belong to inductors of interferon.

Thanks to what there is an effect? In - the first, they cause the increased production of interferon - protein which is developed by an organism for fight against a virus, and in - the second, block reproduction of a virus of flu.

When are shown? For prevention and treatment of flu and other ORVI.

Whether it is possible for children? Amizon - it is possible, since 6 years; arbidol - since 2-x years, тилорон - to children since 7 years; remantadin - after a year.

Contraindications.To reception амизона - hypersensibility to the iodine preparations, the first three meyaets of pregnancy. Tiloron and remantadin is impossible when feeding by a breast and to pregnant women. Rimantadin it is impossible to accept at epilepsy, hepatic and kidney insufficiency. Besides, on any preparation there can individually be an allergy (if after reception of a preparation starts feeling sick, there is a skin itch, etc. In this case it is necessary to take couple of medicines of absorbent carbon and to stop preparation reception).

How to accept? Amizon is recommended to accept after food, without chewing: the adult - on 1 tablet per day within 3-5 days, further - on 1 tablet of 1 times in 2-3 days during 2-3 weeks; to children from 6 to 12 years - on 1/2 tablets every other day during 3 weeks; to children from 12 to 16 years - on 1 tablet every other day during 2-3 weeks. Other inductors of interferon are issued in different dosages therefore at selection of treatment it is necessary to pay attention to tablet weight (the preparation such - that is specified on packing ", in one tablet there is so much - that grams"). Arbidol needs to be accepted: to children at the age of 2-6 years - on 0,05 g; 6-12 years - 0,1 g; 12 years and adult - 0,2 g of 1 times per day are more senior than 10-14 days. Course - about two weeks. Tiloron the adult - on 0,250 g once a week, after food, and then two times a week on 0,125 g. To children of 7 years - on on 0,06 g, once a day after food. Course - 6 weeks. Rimantadin - to adults and children is more senior than 10 years on 100 mg 2 times per day; to children till 10 years a dose count so: 5 mg of a preparation on 1 kg of weight of the child, reception of 1 times per day. Course - month. Characteristic of a diet during treatment by any inductors of interferon - it is necessary to exclude low alcohol drinks (beer and wine). Otherwise it is possible to do much harm seriously mucous a stomach. And here a hard liquor isn't contraindicated. Cost. On the average the course of treatment inductors of interferon will cost 25-60 UAH

FOOD PREVENTION according to the chief immunologist of Kiev Oleg Nazar, food in the period of epidemic has to be enriched with protein since he on itself(himself) stimulates immunity. "Therefore every day eat meat, dairy products, haricot. - the expert advises. - But it is best of all to feed in the period of epidemic on seafood - except protein, they contain a lot of iodine which strengthens force of antiviral antibodies. The seafood richest with iodine - shrimps, crabs (they need to be eaten together with an armor) and sea cabbage".


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