Lemons in Nikolaev while the cheapest in Ukraine, but lemon speculators don't doze

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The Ukrainians frightened of a flu epidemic try to eat more than products containing vitamin C and rely on effectiveness of onions and garlic about which magic properties doctors speak very much.

In a word, in view of the fact that the Ukrainian drugstores in large quantities became empty, the people started buying up lemons, onions and garlic that though as - that to be protected from a spiteful virus.

And dealers who inflated the prices of an overseas yellow citrus to ugly level didn't fail to use it immediately!

To correspondents ForUm' and it was succeeded to find out the price of lemons, onions and garlic in different regions of Ukraine. We will remind, to epidemic lemons cost about 8-11 hryvnias for kilogram, onions - around three, garlic - about 20.

So, inSimferopoltoday onions cost 3,5 UAH, lemons - 18-22, garlic - 20 UAH

In the cityYavorov(70 kilometers fromLviv) lemons already on 30 UAH

InCherkassythe price of a yellow citrus inflated literally in a night. If on November 1 lemons cost 20 UAH for 1 kg, on November 2 already 30, and which - where and on 50! However, on onions and garlic the price didn't change.

InTo Odessaonions stand up 4 - 4,50, garlic to 35 hryvnias for kilogram, lemons of 15-20 hryvnias.

InNikolaevlemons could be found yesterday on 10,99. But sellers literally at buyers discussed, whether it is necessary to raise still the price and as far as.

InTo Vasilkovanear Kiev for lemons tear up 25грн whereas on Friday they cost 11 UAH

InKharkovgarlic was last week on 18, and yesterday already 23грн

InTernopolfor lemons 19 hryvnias, for garlic - 28, for onions - to 6 hryvnias want already.

InKievaround the Left-bank subway on apportions lemons on 20 UAH, garlic - 30, onions - 5, in supermarkets a yellow citrus on the average till 19-20, onions - to four hryvnias, garlic in many markets aren't present.

And inTo Darnitsait was succeeded to find lemons already on 50 hryvnias for kilogram!

As it was succeeded to find out on one of wholesale bases on sale of exotic fruit, the import price of lemons didn't change! Though demand for sour fruit grew by 10 times.Here quirky dealers also decided to earn, winding on sale of fruit on 500 percent! Here truly "to whom war, to whom mother natively".

Here only it is unclear where anti-monopolists and the authorities which promised not to allow marauding in the period of epidemic look?


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