The Nikolaev militia finished "hunting" for fish poachers

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For October, 2009 in the territory of the Nikolaev area the complex of preventive actions for the termination of illegal trade by tools of poachers of fishing of fish to whom the fishing grids made with the setesnastevykh or other materials of all types and names ("spiders", "ятеря", "grids concern - a kitayka" was carried out, "Finns", "paths", "nonsense", "kerchiefs" and so forth), are reported by TsOS Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Nikolaev area.

Working off were carried out in territories of the markets and other trade institutions of the regional center and area. During action by guards of the Nikolaev area 197 checks during which 7 facts of illegal trade are elicited by tools of poachers of fishing of fish are carried out, 6 administrative reports on signs of Art. 159 КУпАП ("Trade violation of the rules in the markets") are made and 9 tools of fishing of fish, among which fishing grids of "path" are withdrawn.


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